Are multivitamin supplements effective?

Public demand is high, but doctors question the value of cocktails. Beware of harmful excesses to health and drug interactions. In France, at least 13 vitamins and 15 minerals (magnesium, calcium, etc.) are allowed. food supplements. Together with other substances, such as beta-carotene-producing plant extracts, they make up a wide range of products sold in … Read more

Grains: healthy or not?

Fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and the good health of our microbiota make the choice clear in favor of unrefined or low-refined products. Full priority! The French public health organization emphasizes the benefits of consumption bread, pasta and unrefined grains in its new dietary recommendations. And for good reason: whole grain are the most French menus, … Read more

how to preserve vitamins and minerals in food?

To get as many vitamins and minerals in your diet, start by buying. It is best to buy ripe fruits and vegetables, that is when they contain the most nutrients. Therefore, We prefer local and seasonal products for the plants that have come from afar are harvested before they are ripe. Some organic products are … Read more