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Approved by PasseportSant√© on 11/03/2022 Soursop, also called cachimentum, is a fruit that has nutritional benefits, but its consumption must be moderate because it contains alkaloids that can cause neurotoxicity. Properties of soursop Low calorie content; Source of vitamin C; Antioxidant properties. Nutrition and caloric content of cheese Soursop provides vitamin C and fiber, but … Read more

Do you really need to take vitamin C to fight a cold?

In addition to the prevention and treatment of scurvy, other properties attributed to vitamin C is fighting fatigue, improving immune defense, reducing the duration of colds. And the latter is well preserved by the general public, because as December approaches, advices to take the daily dose of vitamins in the form of lemon juice or … Read more

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Vitamin B is involved in more than 100 chemical reactions in our body and is especially important for proper brain development in the early years of life. What is vitamin B6? Vitamin B6 is the general name for a group of water-soluble compounds belonging to the B group of vitamins. Vitamin B6 can be found … Read more

Vitamin C, is it really a miracle cure for colds? | Newsroom

Sorry, this post is only available French language. Vitamin C comes from food ¬© Unsplash It’s the chestnut of winter: As December approaches, vitamin C is the number one priority in all the health magazines. In the form of lemon juice or supplements, advice is heard to encourage everyone to get their daily dose of … Read more

dangerous overdoses due to mistakes, warns Prescrire magazine.

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