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Kylian Mbappé was there, not Declan Rice. Three days before France and England clash in the quarter-finals, the Blues star returned to team training, from which he was excused the day before due to indoor work. “no worries” diagnosed Ibrahim Konaté at the press conference. The English side’s recovering midfielder missed the day’s session with illness. The British media had something to write about with Adrien Rabiot explaining that he had “This desire to improve in the Premier League,” championship which ” corresponds to [ses] properties”. The ex-Parisian is out of contract at Juventus and Italy’s special envoys often bring him up on the subject after matches, with the person concerned often walking away with a ready-made verdict.

Since the start of the tournament, the wonderful Rabiot’s move in front of the media was an opportunity to return to the difficult relationship with them: “Journalists, you are quite difficult to convince. I was often criticized, sometimes wrongly in my opinion. It is a good recognition from that side. » He also returned to the evolution of his relationship with Didier Deschamps after 2018. failures when he refused to be a reservist. “It’s been two years since we’ve had any contact. When I got back, we hit it off right away and it went very well. From audition to audition, our relationship improved, we got to know each other better, he understands me better, he knows my personality, we are much closer. »

What comes next after this announcement

the verdict of the day

What comes next after this announcement

I will not roll out the red carpet for her

The Whole Kingdom will be hoping Kyle Walker stops Kylian Mbappé on Saturday night. It would be better for the English defender to be the only one capable of resisting the Frenchman’s burst of speed, and he is not bad either, according to the experts who studied the balance of power for 48 hours. Parisian is “great player, great form”, but beware “It’s not England vs Mbappé, it’s England vs France” redistributes Manchester City’s squad. At 32, Walker has the experience to not get trapped and believe he can win a defensive game on his own. He understands “attention” brought to him by the media and promises: “I don’t underestimate myself. » At the same press conference, he also felt that he was “It’s easier to say we’ll stop Mbappé than to do it”.

They were worth the detour

The world has been suspended for 48 hours, a chance to pull some individuals out of the 56 matches played since November 20. Of the ones we’ve seen, anyway, and that’s why some are the same.

What comes next after this announcement

What comes next after this announcement

American TGV takeoffs Antonee Robinson, in the left lane, were sharper than in the Premier League, where Neeskens Kebano stole the show at Fulham. If you spend your Tuesday and Wednesday evenings watching the Champions League, you might know Stephen Eustaquio ; in turn, we were surprised by the activity and ability of the Canadian FC Porto to move in small spaces. Some saves by the Ghana goalkeeper Lawrence Zigi (Saint-Gall) kept the Black Stars’ hopes alive while Cameroon offered themselves psychodrama with André Onana’s mid-tournament departure. Croatian defender mention Josko Guardiol also known as a mask. Less funny than Jim Carrey, but his own role, we will remember him for a long time. Finally, the group fired from the midfielders who plague the holes and tireless lifters: the Japanese Wataru Endo, moroccan Sofian Amrabat and an American Tyler Adams.


Three short laps and he’s gone, but we’ll see him again very soon, on the road to PSG from February: the German will be Jamal Musiala could have hurt Jude Bellingham’s hype if he hadn’t been weighed down and hit so much wood. Cameroon striker Vincent Aboubakar had two merits: to take a look at the work of Karelis Poborski with a scoop and to demonstrate the absurdity that strict application of the law can lead to. Instant confession: We didn’t know the rake-bulldozer with 36 lungs Sofian Amrabat before going to Morocco-Spain. We liked it a lot. But a lot. But it’s too late because everyone loves him too. Everyone knew him, everyone already loved him, but we still think out loud “Modric what a player” with every stroke. Otherwise, the Serbian goalkeeper Vanja Milinković-Savičius has the trick but no defense: he has conceded 6 goals since we saw his dominance against Brazil.


A small story in a big one

In 1954, German vitamin C

In Switzerland, the river results are raining (9-0, 7-2, 7-5…). Final favorite Hungary lost to West Germany (3-2)…

“A historic moment that makes the whole country proud, just nine years after the end of the war and the fall of Nazism. This final will be in 2003. The subject of a film released in Germany, necessarily titled The Miracle of Bern. But as soon as they leave the stadium, an argument erupts. Hungarian player Puskas claims that German players used doping. The research was started in 1954. at the end, but it is strange that these accusations were confirmed only in 2010. October and a German university study. The German players were actually doused with pervitin, a so-called “soldier drug” used in Nazi Germany to increase the concentration and aggressiveness of its army. Pervitin was not banned at the time, but some world champions got strange diseases after the competition. But the players explained that they were thinking of taking simple vitamin C. Hungary would never get another game like that. The team disbanded two years later when Soviet tanks entered Budapest to quell a workers’ uprising. »

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