What magnesium to choose in pharmacies? Food supplement, vitamin

What magnesium to choose in pharmacies?

In winter, it is important to help your body strengthen its immune system so that it fights colds and does not get sick. Magnesium can help you get rid of a lot of things if you choose to start your treatment with it. It comes in various forms and can be used as a dietary supplement for a certain period of time. It is available in the form of supplements at the pharmacy without a prescription. However, if it relieves the disease, it is necessary to have a prescription if prescribed by a doctor.

What is magnesium good for?

Magnesium has several benefits, so it is important to follow the dosage and duration required. One of the most well-known benefits is the reduction of fatigue. This helps the body use less of your energy reserves and keep you in good shape throughout the day. In addition, magnesium can help you sleep better and fall asleep faster. Some supplements also contain vitamin B6 to help reduce severe fatigue you feel during the day.

Filling this gap is important for people who are deficient in magnesium. In fact, you can find many sources of magnesium in the foods we eat every day. It is important to remember that it is an essential source of minerals for the proper functioning of your body and that it is very involved in the production of energy in our body. There are many types and forms of magnesium. Here are the most famous:

  • magnesium bisglycinate
  • Magnesium glycerophosphate
  • marine magnesium
  • magnesium sulfate

To reduce stress during very difficult periods, this product can help some people. Of course, this should be taken in different daily doses and you should never take a lot.

When should you take magnesium?

For those who want to start magnesium treatment, you can drink it in the evening, but also in the morning. If it is in the form of a food supplement, it can also be taken at noon after a meal. Because it is not recommended to take this product on an empty stomach. Products that help you sleep better should be taken in the evening, as it can be dangerous during the day, especially if you are driving.

Who can take magnesium?

Magnesium can be used by everyone – men, women, teenagers or even pregnant women. However, you have to be very careful about the side effects. People with kidney problems and kidney failure should not take supplements. Among the various side effects, we often notice diarrhea, as magnesium is known to have a laxative effect. To avoid this, the daily dose can be divided into different meals and drink plenty of water.

What kind of magnesium can be taken in pharmacies?

In France, you can find many over-the-counter boxes of marine magnesium in various pharmacies. Similarly, some supplements contain vitamin B6, which helps you feel less tired. You have a wide range of capsules and tablets to choose from, some only need to be taken once a day and others at least 3 times a day.

Ampoules are also available at pharmacies and also contain vitamin B6. Finally, if you want to drink it with water, you can choose an effervescent form that is easily diluted with liquid.

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