I strengthen immunity with alternative medicine

I choose the right vitamins

They contribute to the body’s vital metabolism. The best known is vitamin C, anti-fatigue and anti-infective. By increasing the activity of white blood cells, it limits the number and duration of ENT infections. Vitamins B and E also stimulate antibodies, while vitamin D is essential for our immune system, which shuts down when severely deficient.

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We’re doing fill up on vitamin C by eating kiwi fruit, orange, lemonsfresh parsley, peppers… about taking vitamin B dried vegetablesbeer yeast, nut… about thanks to vitamin E vegetable oils (wheat germ, sunflower, rape…). As for vitamin D, it is synthesized thanks to UV rays, so you need to be in the sun for twenty minutes a day. And we eat cod, sardinesanchovies…which are abundant.

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Vitamin food supplements strengthen our defenses, and to ensure that they are useful, cocktails such as Arkovital (Arkopharma) or Vitamin’nature (Fleurance Nature) are very practical. It may be interesting to prescribe vitamin D alone. In this case, take it in the form of drops (for example, “Dedrogyl” by prescription and reimbursed).

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I use minerals and trace elements

They are also involved in strengthening immunity. to zincFor example, it increases the production of T lymphocytes. to manganese, coppersilver and gold also help our body track viruses, especially by activating the endocrine system and cortisol production.

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Zinc is found in oysters, wheat germ, calf liver, manganese in mussels, brown rice, hazelnuts, oatmeal, copper in calf liver, oysters, squid, dark chocolate, oily fruits…

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Zinc is especially recommended in the form of highly concentrated bisglycinate, in 30 mg capsules (once a day for 2 weeks, prophylactically or at the beginning of an infection). Manganese, copper, gold and silver should be taken as trace elements (for example, in Oligostim tablets, 1 time per day for 3 weeks).

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I use essential oils

They are the basis of our pharmacopoeia. All that’s left to target are the Immunity Champions:echinacea and Rosa canina (or dog rose), highly concentrated in vitamin C, or the antiviral ravintsara.

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Echinacea and Rosa canina are used in the form of glycerin macerate (25 drops per day, diluted in a glass of water, for 2 weeks at the beginning of the season). ravintsara should be used in essential oil (2 drops diluted with a dose of sweet almond vegetable oil, massage the wrists or the base of the nose) in case of infection.

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Expert advice: Dr Marc Pérez, general practitioner, osteopath and phytotherapist

It is necessary to react there… “If fatigue and recurrent infections, review may be informative. He must at least understand blood test also doses of vitamin D and zinc. However, vitamin C does not need to be controlled because it is easily eliminated. Therefore, it fluctuates too much for the data to be meaningful. It is also important not to forget vaccinations (flu, pneumococcusCovid…), especially if you are over 65, have lung disease or diabetes, are being treated for cancer or are immunocompromised.

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