Vitamin D supplements do not protect against COVID-19

No, pill sun is not a real shield against Covid. But the hope of an easy and inexpensive preventive treatment against COVID-19 thanks to vitamin D seemed plausible. Several studies have shown that people who develop severe covid often lack this protein, which is known to play a role in innate immunity against respiratory viruses. Even better, vitamin D has been shown to promote the expression of peptides that bind to the spike protein of the coronavirus and prevent it from binding to the ACE-2 receptor in our cells. British researchers designed a phase 3 clinical trial to test this hypothesis (called CORONAVIT), the findings of which were published online in 2022. March 23 pre-printing (not yet reviewed). Unfortunately, their results show that vitamin D supplements have no effect on the likelihood of contracting Covid.

Supplements increase vitamin D levels

In this randomized trial, researchers wanted to determine whether correcting vitamin D deficiency with dietary supplements could protect against the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. A total of 6,200 participants aged 16 years and older (median age 60.2 years) were divided into three groups: a control group, a group that received low-dose vitamin D treatment (800 IU per day), and one that received a higher dose is given. dose of this vitamin (3,200 IU per day; IU or IU in French for “international unit” used to measure the amount of a pharmacological product). The participants received food supplements at home for six months, starting in 2020. December. until 2021 in June

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