Black Friday 2022: These Vitamin C Serums Are

This 2022 On Black Friday, many of the deals are on beauty products that will best complete your skin care routine. Here are 3 vitamin C serums under €15 for revitalized skin!

Black Friday is well and truly underway! Many websites have been offering big discounts on many beauty products for a few days now. We find mascaras -50%, great discounts on the Manucurist brand or products from aging up to €20. It’s time to restock or complete your beauty routine with tailored and innovative treatments.

One of the main active ingredients in the world of cosmetics today is vitamin C. This antioxidant is primarily present a true anti-aging ally fights free radicals responsible for skin aging. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and the skin regeneration process. It also has brightening properties to reduce hyperpigmentation spots while maintaining good hydration levels. Then the skin becomes firmer, plumper, smooth and radiant. This Black Friday, we’ve revealed 3 vitamin C serums for under €15 for vibrant skin just for you!

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3 powerful serums with vitamin C for less than €15

First up is Nocibé’s Skin Focus Vitamine Radiance Serum, which the ticket price is €14.66 instead of €20.95, saving more than 6 euros. Enriched with vitamin C, this treatment fights fatigue and stress, which can lead to a dull complexion. It has a liquid texture that instantly penetrates the skin for a much brighter complexion. It also helps to even out the complexion, reduce pigment spots and smooth the skin. Then it is revived, more elastic and much softer.

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Arganicare Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum comes to €10.85 instead of €15.50, you will save almost 5 euros. This antiaging product is designed to intensely nourish your skin while protecting it from premature aging. Thanks to vitamin C, it helps maintain good levels of hydration and nutrients to keep it healthy. Packed with antioxidants and powerful anti-wrinkle peptides, this serum fights the signs of aging for smoother, firmer and more vibrant skin.

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Showing Garnier SkinActive Anti-Dark Spot Vitamin C Serum price €9.03 instead of €12.90, i.e. you save almost 4 euros. This serum contains concentrated antioxidant vitamin C, which prevents the signs of aging, but also brightens the skin. The powerful active ingredient is combined with niacinamide and salicylic acid to work on brown spots from the first 6 days of use. Then the skin becomes brighter and the skin is smoother and more dynamic!

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