This natural vitamin C remedy works wonders for removing eye wrinkles

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Lately, we’ve been trying to figure out how to reduce wrinkles and look younger. But the dark circles under the eyes are what we are most concerned about. Therefore, it is very important to find a solution to this problem. In addition to drinking plenty of water and eating well, it’s also important to know what mask to use to reduce them.

Remedy: Vitamin C treatment

The eye contour needs to be treated vs help rejuvenate him. This element is also rich in antioxidants. The latter then helps maintain the hydration of the skin barrier.

To create this mask, you will need: a spoonful of grated carrots and honey, half a spoonful of coffee and ground cloves. And finally, the main ingredient is half a spoon . These ingredients can be found in any supermarket.

Once you have everything in hand, you can start preparing. First, take a bowl and put grated carrots and cloves in it. Then add coffee, vitamin C and honey. Mix these ingredients until they become a homogeneous paste.

And here! Now you can use it and add it on the eye area. Let this product work 30 minutes. You will see that your complexion will be completely different afterwards.

Improve the appearance of the eye area

In addition to the vitamin C mask, there is another improve the appearance of the eye area. It is thanks to a disposable gel what you can do from home It helps reduce skin inflammation.

To do this, you will need 7 tablespoons of aloe vera, a quarter of a teaspoon of cucumber and a capsule of vitamin E. The latter have elements that can serve as against dark circles.

Then you need to know how to prepare it to be sure of its effectiveness. Therefore, after washing and peeling, keep the cut cucumbers in a container. Take aloe vera gel and try to squeeze seven tablespoons out of it and put it in a blender. Then you can start mixing by adding some slices of cucumber. Finally, pour everything with vitamin E. Before using this mixture, keep it cool, preferably in the refrigerator.

Please note that it is important to remove makeup and clean your face before applying this product. After that, use the cucumber slices as spoons and take the aloe vera gel together. After that, apply the latter on the eye contour, massaging a little. You need to leave it for about 30 seconds. Now you can wash your face and add a moisturizing night cream.

Remedy: Why do I always have dark circles on my face?

In fact, dark circles are essentially caused by lack of sleep. However, there may be other reasons. Namely allergies, hay fever and hyperpigmentation.

Especially since these dark circles are formed due to a decrease in the amount of fatty tissue around the eyes. And also because of skin thinning. The health site even claimed that these dark circles are caused by constriction blood vessels in the skin area. Then you have to be careful and remember to take care of it.

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