Autumn fatigue: what is the treatment? What vitamins?

Mental strain, stress, falling light and temperature, approaching holidays: autumn fatigue is here, but there is still time to stock up on vitamins to maintain your mood and shape!

“I’m starting to feel autumn fatigue about a week after returning from summer vacation” says Marie-Ange Guillemet, phyto-aromatherapy consultant and aromacologist. The beginning of the school year, the renewal of work and a steady pace of activity ” cause stress and an unpleasant feeling of exhaustion, which slows down the activity and energy accumulated during the summer“. Added to that gradual light, temperature and Time change. Not counting the preparations for the end of the year holidays, which are not easy! So,this fatigue will pass in a crescendo“.

We should be able to intervene before fatigue sets in, whenever beginning of September. “You should know that chinese medicine (to what naturopathy means when it comes to rhythm, balance and season, ed note), Autumn begins on August 8. so very early. For us in Europe, at our latitude, we should to combat seasonal fatigue from the start of the school year in September.“Postponing consideration will result in physical, general, and/or muscular fatigue, which will quickly lead to mental fatigue.”This fatigue can lead to oxidative stress, impairing the senses, especially vision, before reaching emotional and intellectual balance, impairing cognitive functions such as concentration.explains Marie-Ange Guillemet.

To compensate for the increase in energy expenditure associated with the drop in temperature and the increase in activity and strenuous rhythm, it is necessary prefers dieteasier to digest, easily absorbed, rich vitamins and mineralsseasonal, preferably organic and local: apple, pear, grape, gingerpumpkins, cabbage, black radishes, endives, fennel, and root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, etc.) must be consumed preference, without excessAlso recommended go to bed 30 minutes earlier.

If fatigue persists, consult a doctor.

A grape treatment in a day, a week or 15 days can restore energy. But bewarewarns Marie-Ange Guillemet, there is no detoxification treatment or mono-diet not recommended for people who are already too tired. This treatment would then have the opposite effect: increasing fatigue“. In general, it is necessary to do a Seasonal food rich in vitamins : apple, pear, grape, ginger, pumpkin, cabbage, black radish, endive, fennel, and root vegetables. Finally, before fatigue, a magnesium treatment can also do good. Magnesium is available at pharmacies without a prescription.

herbal infusions : ginseng, guarana reboost.

vitamins in food supplements : liposomal vitamin C is essential in the fight against fatigue. It is preferred acerola, which can cause indigestion. It is ideally associated with coenzyme Q10. Klamath and chlorella have interesting revitalizing and detoxifying effects., if you’re not already exhausted. These supplements are usually found in capsule form, preferably organic. “People of low morale, whose fatigue has reached an emotional state, B vitamins, magnesium bisglycinate (better absorbed) are recommended“.

ethereal oils (Hey): “Black spruce or essential oil peppermint has the ability to act on the adrenal glands and therefore the kidneys to strengthen the body. Peppermint should be used very carefully, only small amounts (less than a drop) that settle on the palate or sides of the nose. Pine essential oils containing rosemary with cineole can be deposited (in trace amounts) on a handkerchief for inhalation.“He might as well be dissipated to act fatigue : “citrus essential oils (esp lemon, bergamot, bitter orange fine grains) preferred and damask rose will be even more beneficial in advanced depression. Pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under the age of 6 should refrain from using them.

To avoid autumn fatigue, it is ideal get ahead of your symptoms. From the first week, when activities, work, school rhythm resumes, after returning from summer vacation, it is necessary to take responsibility.

  • Eat seasonal produce rich in vitamins and minerals to avoid deficiencies.
  • Stay in the light and get oxygen every day.
  • Move your body and stay active by doing regular activities: walking, sports, yoga…
  • Get enough sleep, 8 hours a day.
  • Consumption of bee products : daily honey, pollen and propolis as a treatment in the winter months, a three-week course of treatment followed by a one-week break, repeated in three months, perfectly strengthens immunity.
  • Se to detoxify one birch sap treatment, or a short mono diet (for example, a day or week of grapes).
  • Diffuse citrus essential oils at home (lemon, bergamot, bitter orange petit grain). These essential oils affect the nervous system. They allow to combat moral fatigue“, says the expert.

If fatigue persists, consult a doctor.

Thanks to Marie-Ange Guillemet, phyto-aromatherapy advisor and aromacologist.

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