Vitamins C, D, probiotics… Are autumn remedies really effective?

As winter approaches, many people say they feel a temporary sense of laziness. Faced with autumn fatigue, there are remedies to help our body feel good again: what is it and is it really worth it?

Every time the season changes, our body needs to renew itself. In autumn, the days get shorter, the brightness decreases, the cold hits – all factors that can have consequences for our body. Not to mention the stress of the start of the school year, the dreary weather, or even this curse mental strain which weighs on your shoulders. Simple lack of energy until exhaustion, we can all belong to it in varying degrees. This is where the essential “autumn remedies” come in: food rich in vitamins, magnesium preparations, using food supplements, each of which has its own magic recipe. But then, which nutrients to prioritize in October? And for what effects?

Vitamins C, D: for a strong immune system

Nor should we expect miracles from these drugs, especially against Covid-19.“, asserts scientific journalist Thierry Souccar with our colleagues 20 minutes. Nevertheless, their benefits have been proven. For example, the author recommends vitamin D3 treatment, “the closest thing to what the body naturally produces,” which helps the body fight viruses, bacteria, and other fungi. But also, vitamin C treatment, whose antioxidant properties contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system, should be prioritized, especially when following a “high-processed” or “low-calorie” diet. Another treatment among the most popular during the season: magnesium treatment, anti-stress ally. The big autumn star, among other things, ensures good functioning of the nervous system and cognitive functions. The journalist urges to choose organic and marine magnesium, better quality.

Zinc and probiotics: less common but effective drugs

It is also useful to know: zinc, a trace element found especially in seafood, red meat or eggs, is presented by Thierry Souccar as “one of the best allies against colds and certain viral infections”. In addition to stimulating the immune system, zinc prevents cell aging and maintains the quality of skin, nails and hair. Finally, to ensure the quality of the intestinal flora, course of probiotics may taste good. Specifically, these bacteria present in milk products and fermented foods allow “to strengthen the resistance to winter infections, but also to reduce their duration and intensity”, the journalist emphasizes. However, it is important to remember that these drugs should in no way replace a balanced diet, rich in vitamins (B, C, D, E) and minerals. To combat fatigue, also try to eat dinner early, which will facilitate digestion and allow you to go to bed earlier. So many tips that should help you get back on your feet.

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