Is your horse getting enough vitamins and minerals?

Roughage is the basis of any diet. It is not only the most important source of fiber, but also of energy. Therefore, it is not always necessary to give your horse additional concentrates in addition to roughage to get enough energy. More and more horse owners are choosing to feed fewer concentrates. Although roughage may contain sufficient energy and protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements are never sufficient.

Cavalor introduces: Nutri Fiber Vitamin and Mineral Balancer

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are essential for the good health of your horse. Lack of vitamins and minerals is not always noticeable immediately. In the long term, they manifest themselves, for example, in poor hoof quality, dull fur, coat color deviations, poorer characteristics, etc. Roughage horse feed does not contain enough vitamins, minerals and trace elements to meet daily requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to complete them in another way. This can be done using a balancer.

Cavalor Nutri Fiber is a tasty, high-fibre balancer with a comprehensive mix of vitamins and minerals, making it essential for roughage. It is specially formulated for horses that are fed forage and receive little or no concentrates. Cavalor Nutri Fiber contains fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, as well as carrot and apple pieces. Even the pickiest horses love it. Cavalor Nutri Fiber is a healthy and tasty mixture that will not overload your horse with calories and energy.

More information about Cavalor Nutri Fiber

Cavalor Nutri Fiber contains covalently bound hydroxyminerals (Cu, Zn) and chelated trace elements (Mn), which ensure better absorption and stability. The vitamins and micronutrients they contain are presented separately to ensure stability. The green granules contain vitamins and minerals, while the beige granules contain trace elements. These two types of pellets are mixed so that each serving contains the right amount of each element. Cavalor Nutri Fiber is a vitamin and mineral balancer. The separation of vitamins and trace elements guarantees greater taste. Delicious pieces of apples, carrots, carobs and even peas make this mixture even more delicious. Cavalor Nutri Fiber has been tested on extremely heavy horses. Everyone ate with pleasure.

Cavalor Nutri Fiber contains alfalfa, marigold, flaxseed and oat hulls. These fibers provide more structure and support healthy bowel function to ensure proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. They also add bulk, so Cavalor Nutri Fiber can be given in large amounts without adding extra calories. Tasty and good for health.

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