Increase the vitamins needed to fight the common cold

winter vitamins

21 Cold, flu, allergies… Winter is synonymous with various inconveniences. To stay in shape this season, we have effective vitamins. The best are vitamins C, B and D. They should be taken daily take care of your body. Focus on vitamins vs, B and Dmany sources of benefit fight the cold.

Vitamin C to strengthen immune protection

The winter season takes a toll on our bodies a difficult test. The cold makes him get a lot of energythat is, to increase body temperature and keep vital organs warm. It weakens our body and exposes us to diversity diseases. Fight it fatigue and stay healthy healththerefore appropriate strengthen immune defense. So, vitamin C perfect for this mission.
Vitamin C is amplifier organization choice. In addition to rejuvenating when you have some relaxation, it helps fight various infections such as the flu and a cold. It also plays a key role in manufacturing collagen, a protein that slows cell aging. And she is also a fixer iron.
During winter, vitamin C is found in various seasonal fruits and vegetables. citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, clementines, etc red fruits (strawberries, blackcurrants, etc.) are full of it. ” sun vegetables like red pepper and tomatoes also have high amount.
In addition, you also have access to many vitamin C-enriched supplements on the market. You just need to choose them well and follow the instructions to get the most out of them.

B group vitamins: restorative and anti-stress vitamins!

in winter, lack of sun and brightness greatly influences our moral. Gray skies give us gloomy days and our moods unfortunately follow this trend. So stress it calms down and we are even sad depressed, but we don’t really know why. This state nervousness contributes to the gradual deterioration of our health. To remedy this, consumption B group vitamins is strongly recommended.
In fact, a vitamin B9 is fight stress in the sense that it strengthens the nervous system. B12, while promoting sleep; which facilitates cell regeneration. And vitamin B6 helps fight mild fatigue.
To reap the full benefits of B vitamins, you need to eat the following foods regularly: legumes, offal, goat cheese or camembert, cooked liver, fish such as salmon, dried fruit, etc. You can also contact spirulinabecause it is abundant in algae.
Today, thanks to many studies, various food supplements many B vitamins appeared. Do not hesitate to consult a specialist to find out which one is best for you.

Vitamin D is good for bones and teeth!

Assimilation from vitamin D it becomes difficult in the cold season. The sun, which is the main source, is really getting less and less at this time of year. However, this vitamin plays an essential role development and growth from bones also teeth. In addition to helping to maintain a a skeleton normalit also contributes to proper performance muscles and Immune system. For good reason, vitamin D plays an important role fixator about calcium and from of phosphorus.
Since there is (almost) no sunlight during the winter to provide the necessary amount of vitamin D, it is necessary to look for other sources. Thus, in order to optimize the absorption of vitamin D, it is worth considering the use of dietary supplements fortified with vitamin D. In addition, there is a variety of food products. cod liver oile is definitely the best alternative, but there is also milk, egg yolk, fish such as salmon and trout…

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