Vitamin D, Probiotics: The Best Immune System Secrets

You don’t want to taste a lot Covid wave than to catch all the infections brought by children from school? It’s now playing! It’s time to fix our microbiota, increase the production of antibodies and white blood cells… “The time required to strengthen our natural defenses is more or less long – from a few weeks to a few months and depends on our lifestyle, inflammatory conditions (chronic pain, diabetes, etc.), recent antibiotic use, length of time. Covid and others, explains doctor anesthesiologist-reanimatologist, phytotherapist and naturopath Laure Martinat. The right investments to prepare for.

Take advantage of summer to boost your immunity

  • Full vitamin D because of strengthen your immune system

The antiviral powers of this precious vitamin have been proven: we now know that those who lack it are 14 times more likely to develop a severe form of Covid than others.1. From April to October, our body produces easily vitamin D from sunlight. But with the return of gray weather in early fall, our supplies dwindle. We limit the fracture by continuing to drink coffee or lunch on the terrace, without covering the neckline and forearms, at least 3 times a week (without skipping the sun cream). From October, we supplement with vitamin D3 of animal origin in a daily dose of 1500 to 2000 IU, by spraying or drops (plant vitamin D2 only if you are vegan).

  • We pamper his energy

From the beginning of the school year, there is no doubt about opting out peaceful nights : Certain immune cells, especially T lymphocytes, are renewed during sleep, with a four-fold increase in sleeping less than 6 hours a nightcatch a cold. If the alarm goes off at dawn, there is no choice, we go to bed earlier, even if it means missing the evening episodes. Also, to lift our spirits, we benefit from watching less TV and spending more time outside while it is available still good light. Also, be careful not to overload your agenda. If it is difficult to restore the rhythm, we choose two or three months of magnesium and vitamin B6 treatment.

  • Eliminates stress to better resist danger

“Stress suppresses the immune system, reduces the effectiveness of our defense systems and can even activate the viral load in the body of certain viruses such as herpes, hence the famous cold sores that reappear whenever we are under pressure.”, observes Laure Martinat. We focus on yoga, meditation, sophrology or heart harmony to calm the nervous system and gain peace. We also surround ourselves with positive emotions (and people) because, according to some studies, happy people are less likely to catch the virus. Simple things like laughing, singing or listening to music increase our antibody levels.

Focus on physical activity to build resilience

The more we move, the more we are Immune system produces white blood cells, especially NK cells, capable of completely eliminating “invaders”. A study conducted in Seattle2 For example, it has been shown that women who do five forty-five minute stretching sessions per week have four times less colds per year than those who do just one. It’s not a question of performance, but of regularity, because strenuous activity makes you just as vulnerable to disease as a day spent without moving at all. The right pace: walking thirty minutes a day already reduces the risk of respiratory infections by 40%.

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