Cognitive impairment: Change nutritional supplements

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  • Participants who took the multivitamin and mineral complex had higher overall cognitive scores.Participants who took the multivitamin and mineral complex had higher overall cognitive scores.

A new study by American scientists accidentally highlighted the positive effects of vitamin and mineral complexes on the cognitive functions of the elderly.

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The investigation is carried out the relationship between micronutrient deficiencies and cognitive decline the number of elderly people is increasing. Truth is important fiber, minerals, vitamins or antioxidants for normal brain function has been highlighted in several studies. So, supplements are now considered a promising means of preventing or maintaining neurodegenerative pathologies. Nevertheless, most studies to date have been observational or limited to analysis of a certain trace element. But a new American clinical trial, which the main objective was to investigate the effectiveness of supplementation with antioxidants extracted from cocoa (flavanols), highlighted the possibilities of vitamin and mineral complexes for the elderly.
do this scientific team Wake Forest University School of Medicine (USA) first assembled a cohort of 2,200 people with an average age of 73 that they followed for more than three years. Analyzes were then focused on participants flavanol supplement (500 mg daily). Indeed, in order to evaluate their effectiveness on cognitive functions, researchers wanted to compare them with exposure daily intake of vitamin and mineral complex (which can usually be found in pharmacies), but also at a priceand placebo.

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The results were then published in a journal Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, surprised the researchers. Indeed, judging by the participants world knowledge (a wide range of cognitive tools), lhas memory and executive function (attention, planning and organization), the team found no difference in overall cognition between those who took the cocoa extract and those who did not.

However, participants take the multivitamin and mineral complex had significantly higher global cognitive scores as well as memory and executive function scores than the others. Also, the improvement was more pronounced in people with a history from cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, researchers were eventually able to prove that the cognitive functions of the elderly improve rich and diverse addition, which is apparently not the case for a specific category of nutrients (here flavanols). So this study reminds us of one of the basic principles of nutrition: change your diet! Logically, this rule also applies addition

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