Try the vitaminized style now to sublimate your look this 2022. autumn!

Opt for a totally colorful look to celebrate the arrival of good weather! Here’s to 2022. fall makeup ideas.

Say goodbye to gray, hello to colors. Good weather is always associated with glowing skin. Herbs are growing and budding!

The streets have an incredible contrast that lends itself to fishing. As in 2022 makeup to match these beautiful shades? Discover this year’s trendy styles!

Autumn makeup will be fashionable

During the sunny season, we dare any eccentricity. Rhinestone, graphic eyeliner, pop and colorful tones… 2022 fall makeup gives you a lot of freedom! From the skin tone to the lips… everything is in color. Especially when using a mask, which is no longer mandatory, makeup addict now dares all styles!

Last year, the sun draping trend marked a big comeback for blush. in 2022 for autumn makeup, the same technique will illuminate all skin types. The W blush technique which consists of restoring sun exposure to the face. And to do this, we apply blush from one cheekbone to the other. Passing through the nose, forming the letter W.

We discovered this trend a few months ago. Euphoria has since confirmed the phenomenon: rhinestones are everywhere! And in 2022 fall makeup trend closely follows it. Now makeup artists have replaced the traditional black eyeliner with a Mountain crystal stone eyeliner. Even better… they can also beautify the eye area.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the market for lipsticks has fallen sharply. This fall, it looks like this essential is back with a vengeance. With the barrier gestures removed, we finally take things into our own hands. Red is back! To celebrate it properly, we are offered 2022. autumn makeup perfect lips without surgery. So enjoy!

Colored eye shadows

The most beautiful time of the year is here! And she brings with her a new source of inspiration beauty that make us all dream! And we figured it all out, colors will be festive on all faces. From the lips, through the cheekbones and all over the eye contour. in 2022 autumn makeup has many options.

The female characters of the series “Euphoria” once again serve as a real inspiration. We copy their eyeliner, sometimes graphic, sometimes cloudy. When it comes to color, neon is once again revolutionizing the beauty world. Special mention blue color is visible everywhere during fashion week. in 2022 choose dark shadows for autumn makeup.

Play with colors! Rainbow pink, orange or bright yellow, electric blue, spring green… Many colors will brighten up our paint with this trendy 2022. autumn makeup. And they will last until autumn! And with procedures of these vitamins, everyone will be looking at you. It is impossible to remain unnoticed.

His application, you can spread it evenly on the eyelids or blend it into an elegant smoky look. Can also be stretched like a smooth eyeliner. A treatment that adapts equally well to the eyelashes and to the lids… this beauty treatment can be applied in a thousand and one ways so that freedom is a fantasy!

in 2022 autumn make-up: what if we chose blue?

Of the colors mentioned above, only one was noticed by the most informed. During the last edition of FashionWeek New York, this shade managed to establish itself as this year’s fashion trend! to blue promises to be invincible in all its variations. It is necessary to include it in our 2022. autumn makeup assortment.

Making smart choices is essential if you want to revive. To be adopted this year NYX Professional Ultimate palette and its 16 colors bring you joy! Any dare is allowed. That’s why we suggest using your imagination with this range of vitamins!

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