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While a balanced and varied diet usually allows you to meet your vitamin and mineral needs, at certain moments in life you still need a boost to get back in shape! Dietary supplement therapy provides the body with the necessary input. It is even better when the supplements are ethical and organic. This is confirmed by the UNAE laboratory, which contains only high-quality natural products. Food supplements we could try.

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Can we rhyme health, ethics, ecology and technicality? Yes! UNAE laboratory This applies when offering food supplements that meet a demanding quality charter.

Food supplements without GMOs or nanoparticles

When developing its products, the UNAE laboratory uses a technique that allows the elimination of food additives that are often found in this type of vitamin supplement. Thus, UNAE food supplements are guaranteed:

  • Without magnesium stearate (E572),
  • Without hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hypromellose, HPMC, E464),
  • Without stearic acid (E570),
  • Without silicon dioxide (E551),
  • Without talc (E553).

A choice that especially explains why the color of different supplement products can vary, so the capsules can be beige or brown, even black.

The UNAE laboratory is also committed to providing food supplements without GMOs or irradiationbut also without possible allergens such as shellfish, soy or gluten.

Formulas are also guaranteed without nanoparticles, molecules whose small size allows them to spread throughout the body and whose effects on health are still too little known.

In addition, plant extracts are used from organic farming, although no product can be certified organic (except for the camel oil used) because the organic label is linked to ingredients of agricultural origin, and UNAE’s approach is more global. In order to obtain organic certification, food supplements should include animal gelatin or hypromellose capsules, which do not meet either the quality level or the laboratory’s vision of animal welfare. Therefore, UNAE prefers to use vegetable capsules from tapioca (pullulan).

Natural food supplements

UNAE, ecologically responsible laboratory

UNAE is a family and people company, at the heart of its concerns respect for nature. No ingredients from factory farms are used in the composition of food supplements, their production process or packaging, and no environmentally polluting chemicals are used. Cardboard and packaging are selected based on their ability to be recycled and printed with vegetable dyes.

UNAE, which also donates part of its turnover to the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO Nièvre) reports must be the first French laboratory to offer omega-3 fatty acids from wild Arctic char, certified by MSC, from sustainable artisanal fishing, respecting people and oceans with guaranteed freshness all the way to the consumer. »

In addition to these environmental commitments, UNAE works in the laboratory qualitative extraction and filtration methods, allowing you to get the best natural supplements. Food supplements we could try.

ELITE: extremely complete food supplement

ELITE UNAE supplement

All in one food supplement ELITE offers a synergistic formula of 32 ingredientsamong which a large vitamin complex (vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, B12 and many others), along with extracts ginger, ginkgo, glycine, acacia fiber and other plant extracts. This single product, presented in powder form, integrated into these daily meals, allows the supply maximum amount of vitamins and minerals for the body, such as trace elements, especially involved in the proper functioning of the brain. Everything is packed in organic packaging.

According to the lab, “each daily dose provides:

  • more than one gram of green tea leaf powder;
  • 500 mg ginger powder;
  • 400mg blueberry powder;
  • 200mg Ginkgo biloba powder;
  • equivalent to lutein and zeaxanthin in 100 g of kale;
  • 500 g of tomatoes in lycopene;
  • equivalent to 1.2 kg of red onion quercetin. »

In practice, 24 grams of the product should be diluted in two doses (equivalent to 15 measuring spoons – this is offered with the first order). The powder should be diluted in a large glass of water, preferably with a meal. For example, 8 cups at breakfast and 7 at dinner. This supplement, not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, contains caffeine.

We were able to test this add-on for which we appreciated it its efficiency and easy integration into everyday life. Just think about integrating the recommended doses into your meal to get plenty of vitamins and minerals in just two doses.

Food supplement for light feet

Food supplements UNAE

Another UNAE product, ideal for summer: a food supplement for fair legs based on plants and rutin. In the program: 60 capsules per month of use, the composition of which is designed to stimulate venous return and blood circulation. This food supplement compatible with pregnancybut daily use of anticoagulants provides:

  • 300 mg of red vine extract,
  • 500 mg horse chestnut extract,
  • 400 mg of rutin.

Ingredients for the fight some signs of poor venous circulation in the legs, such as swelling at the end of the day, numbness or even tingling and itching. Problems that would affect almost 18 million French people, especially women. Again, the results of this supplement that we were able to test.

UNAE laboratory products can be found on their website. We remind you that it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement.

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