Vitamins, fiber, natural care… and its many benefits!

Mango is full of benefits for our body. Vitamins, fiber, antioxidants… let’s see why this food is an ideal ally, especially during this winter period.

Round, juicy, sweet and spicy, full of vitamins and low in calories, mango have many benefits for health. In pieces, salads, juices, fresh, frozen or dried, the culinary options of this food are diverse. Although it is possible all year round, it is ideal eat mango in the height of the season December address February. Something to brighten up our winter, making our body and skin happy.

The origin of the mango

Mangoes, the fruit of the mango tree, originate from India, which produces 50% of the world’s production. Legend has it that the Buddha loved to meditate under a mango tree, hence the tree’s special association with Buddhism.

The symbol of love and money is celebrated here every year.

France imports this tropical fruit from Brazil, Peru and West Africa. You should know that there are hundreds of varieties of mangoes. The most common is Mango Osteen. Almost 33 million are produced worldwide every year.

Benefits of mango for our health

The properties of mangoes are varied. In addition, nothing is wasted in this fruit, which is rich in vitamins and minerals fibers. Same sound core full of benefits.

This exotic fruit is full of nutrients. There we find:

  • From vitamin A : useful for immune protection and vision;
  • From vitamin C : essential for collagen production;
  • From Vitamin E : for the protection of our cells;
  • From vitamin B6 : necessary for our muscles.

But also from vitamin B1from vitamin B2 and even copper.

  • This tropical fruit is a source of water (80%) and fiber, half of which is soluble fiber. antioxidant;
  • Also good for bones, mangoes promote digestion also intestinal transit;
  • According to several studies, mangoes can also prevent certain diseases cancer such as the prostate;
  • Due to its properties, it also helps to relieve asthma and arthritis anti-inflammatory drugs ;
  • Rich ironit is also a natural treatment for anemia;

Benefits of mango for our beauty

If you haven’t used mango in your bathroom yet, now is the time to embrace it and enjoy its benefits for our skin and hair. Due to its vitamin and antioxidant content, mangoes are a natural care very efficient.

It is excellent in oil form hair protection from external attacks. Hair will be deeply nourished and restored. mango butterwhich is rich in fatty acids, helps prevent skin aging, to make the skin soft and moisturized. Also use as a mask or Nourishing Hair Conditioner Balm.

As you can see, there are only benefits to consuming mangoes.

How to use Mango?

Before eating, you need to choose the fruit carefully. A mango weighing between 300 grams and 2 kg is a relatively fragile food.

Select it:

  • Soft to the touch, but still firm;
  • With colored skin and without blemishes;
  • Subtly fragrant.

For good conservationAvoid the refrigerator and choose a dry and cool place, never below 8°. When fully ripe, it is best consumed quickly.

Alternatively, you can also cut pieces of fresh mangoes (pre-peeled) to put in a plastic bag and keep in the fridge. freezer.

You may be wondering if eat mango at night is contraindicated? Don’t be afraid! On the contrary, eating it at dinner would even be recommended a calm night.

In fact, there are few of them contraindications for mango consumption, but be careful when consuming anticoagulants. In fact, this fruit can reduce the effectiveness of certain medications.

Little calories, mango can be consumed in many forms: diced, in salads, in sorbet, in juice, salty or sweet, even roasted, you just have to be creative. Many easy recipesexist online.

Please note that nothing can be thrown into the manga. Its leaves are edible infusion and its kernel contains almonds, which can be ground into a powder. Then you will have a great one vermifuge.

Quick mango smoothie recipe

Here’s a quick and surefire recipe: A mango smoothie needs fillingenergy and from vitamins for the day.

You need :

  • 1 fresh mango, previously peeled and cut into pieces;
  • 2 peeled and cut bananas;
  • 25 cl of fresh orange juice;
  • 10 cl of squeezed lemon juice.

Preparation steps:

  1. Add all your ingredients to a blenderand mix it all together to get a nice smooth and creamy texture;
  2. All that’s left is to serve your mango smoothie chilled. Add a mint leaf or a fruit skewer to garnish the drink.

If you want to add more freshness to your smoothie, simply add ice cubes and mint leaves to the blender before blending.

For a lighter texture, twenty centiliters of coconut milk will do.


(source: AZ kitchen)

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