is vitamin therapy helpful?

They look like drugs, often sold in pharmacies, widely used in advertising for their “crash” virtues… Be it pills, powder sachets, effervescent tablets, what are they really worth?vitamin drugs?

Nutritionist Matthieu Marty has a clear opinion. According to him, “the first argument for these drugs is … marketing. The supplement market is huge. By advertising a very often non-existent interest, it plays on the ignorance of consumers. The public is led to believe that these products provide vitality or energy. But it’s not that simple. In fact, energy is provided by lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. Microelements (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) play an essential role in various metabolic processes of the body: they are like factory workers. When there is a shortage of staff, it will affect various functions of the organization. »

What to do when tired?

According to a nutritionist, you don’t need to answer marketing calls to cure fatigue stroke. “It is better to be attentive to the contents of the plate. If you feel a slight vulnerability, you will have to increase the consumption of raw organic fruits (kiwi, citrus fruits), organic vegetables (pepper, parsley, etc.) to get the maximum benefit from antioxidant vitamins (eg vitamins A, C summer). A good indicator to make sure you are getting the right accessories is to observe the eclecticism of the colors on the plate. In fact, each color of food can be associated with a certain intake of vitamins and minerals: therefore, the more colors on the plate, the more micronutrients it contains. Let’s not forget that food and their trace elements will always be better absorbed than food supplements. »

"Interest in supplements is quite limited for those who follow a balanced diet", points out Matthieu Marty.  Adobe Stock Illustration
“The interest of people with a balanced diet in supplements is quite limited,” points out Matthieu Marty. Adobe Stock Illustration

The danger of too many vitamins

According to Matthieu Marty, if people on a balanced diet have a rather limited interest in supplements, they can cause hypervitaminosis, that is, an excess of vitamins. “It’s not productive,” warns the nutritionist. “There is actually a physiological principle called hormesis.” This means that the increase in beneficial biological matter (such as micronutrients) becomes negative when it exceeds a certain threshold. For example, iron is irreplaceable. But if it is used in excess, it will have a pro-oxidative effect, it will somehow rust the cells. Therefore, this principle of hormesis must be respected, do not take food supplements without a doctor’s advice, just follow advertisements. »

Therefore, vitamin remedies are not suitable for anyone?

The nutritionist wants to be less categorical about this. In fact, a vitamin supplement may benefit those with a proven deficiency. For example, vitamin C deficiency associated with scurvy. However, this is very rare.

“It is impossible for the average person to diagnose a real deficiency,” Matthieu Marty continues. “If you have recurring infections, severe fatigue or skin disorders or scars, you will be able to assess your vitamin status after consulting a nutritionist specializing in micronutrition or consulting a dietitian doctor. But besides that, you will realize that if you are in good health, it is much more important and beneficial to diversify and improve your diet. »

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