Health: 8 benefits of cabbage

Nutritional properties cabbage tend to go unnoticed by many people. gold, Cabbage is full of properties. Easy to grow and cook, this winter vegetable has it all.

Cabbage and its nutritional benefits

There are many varieties of cabbage, that is a lot of vitamins B, B9, C, E, K, provitamins, fiber, calcium and potassium. Depending on the variety, kale has a variety of benefits, according to the Terre Vivante website:

  • Green cabbage: vitamins A, B1, B2, antioxidants
  • Cauliflower: vitamin C, antioxidants, manganese
  • Red cabbage: vitamin K, mineral salts
  • White cabbage: vitamins C-B9, provitamins A and minerals
  • Kale: vitamins C and potassium
  • Brussels sprouts: vitamin C, fiber, minerals
  • Kohlrabi: vitamin C, fiber, B9 and potassium
  • Cabbage: vitamin C
  • Romanesco cabbage: vitamin C, calcium, potassium, phosphorus
  • Broccoli: vitamin C and fiber.

Cabbage consumption: Beware of certain side effects

If eating cabbage is good for health, it should not be abused. Indeed, it is better to let the body get used to this cruciferous plant, which can cause excess gas, but also diarrhea, flatulence or abdominal discomfort. If you want to add this vegetable to your diet, be careful if you are taking blood thinners. It contains substances that can interfere with the action of certain medicines (eg blood thinners. Regular consumption of cabbage can also cause hypothyroidism if the latter does not create enough thyroid hormones and slows down your metabolism.

Weight loss benefits of cabbage

As part of your diet, eating cabbage can be a good idea. Actually it is aa low-energy vegetable which has only 22 calories per 100 grams. Along with protein, lipids and carbohydrates, cabbage easily enters your slimming recipes.

Discover the 8 health benefits of cabbage.

Health: 8 benefits of cabbage

Cabbage helps because of its anthocyanin content fight chronic inflammation. Be aware that over time, inflammation in the body is linked to the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Health: 8 benefits of cabbage

Rich vitamin Ckale boosts the immune system, produces collagen, and absorbs iron found in certain other foods.

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The fibers Different varieties of cabbage help improve digestion and maintain a good digestive system.

Health: 8 benefits of cabbage

Cabbage, which is rich in anthocyanins, protects your heart.

Health: 8 benefits of cabbage

to potassium the amount of red cabbage helps control or even lower blood pressure.

Health: 8 benefits of cabbage

Cabbage contains fiber and phytosterols which compete with cholesterol for absorption in your digestive system. They lower bad cholesterol and improve your health.

Health: 8 benefits of cabbage

Cabbage is one of the vegetables that contains the most vitamin K. The latter helps blood to clot properly.

Health: 8 benefits of cabbage

Green leafy vegetables such as kale contain sulfur, which breaks down during the digestive process and fights cancer cells and helps eliminate them.

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