What is vitamin E good for the health of the body?

What are the different health benefits of vitamin E?

Vitamin E, or rather alpha-tocopherol, has a antioxidant effect powerful to maintain health. In fact, vitamin E, together with vitamin C and selenium, protects the body’s cells from the effects of free radicals by neutralizing them. Vitamin E is involved in maintaining health because it affects cell membranes.

Action for the effects of aging

Vitamin E plays an important role in cell aging. It protects cell membranes from oxidative stress. In this way, vitamin E contributes to the maintenance of the health of the skin, but also of the hair and the whole body. The Beauty products also contains vitamin E, which strengthens the skin’s health capital. Vitamin E is often found in anti-aging beauty treatments. Participates in the fight against the appearance of wrinkles and gives the skin more firmness.

Effects on cardiovascular disease

Many studies are trying to prove the preventive effect of vitamin E on cardiovascular diseases. A varied diet rich in vitamin E would reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Vitamin E should vasodilating properties and therefore has implications for the prevention of heart disease risk.

Prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol due to its antioxidant effect

Vitamin E helps reduce the risk of high cholesterol. The antioxidant effect of vitamin E protects againstcholesterol oxidation in the arteries. Therefore, it helps to further reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Vitamin E remains primarily an antioxidant. Although she holds on antiplatelet properties and even anti-inflammatory, primarily protecting the body from free radicals. Her actions in combating the effects of aging and age-related diseases remain her central role.

How to take advantage of vitamin E and prevent disease?

To benefit from vitamin E, foods and supplements is the best way. Foods or supplements containing alpha-tocopherol provide the antioxidant effects of vitamin E necessary for good health.

Foods that help prevent vitamin E deficiency

In addition to cosmetics, vitamin E is also found in many foods. The vegetable oils, but certain vegetables and fruits are also rich in vitamin E. To get the benefits of vitamin E, it is advisable to choose vegetable oils over other fats. Wheat germ oil, sunflower or olive oil are rich in vitamin E. green vegetables and certain nuts, for example, it also comes with almonds or hazelnuts. Dietary Guidelines recommend a dietary intake of 12 mg per day. L’EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) even recommends more accurate values. A man’s body requires 13 mg, and a woman’s – 11 mg.

Supplements to treat vitamin E deficiency

Research continues to develop theories. The problem is that these many studies often contradict each other. The food supplements rich in vitamin E can claim to protect the body’s cells from free radicals due to its antioxidant effect. These supplements are only allowed if they contain more than 1.8 mg of vitamin E for 100 mg. On the other hand, these nutritional supplements cannot claim to prevent heart disease or vision problems.

In case of vitamin E deficiency, only a doctor can prescribe suitable supplements. Therefore, it is strongly recommended visit a doctor if symptoms vitamin E deficiency to appear

Vitamin E, anti-aging tocopherol

Although vitamin E does not prevent aging, it does help slow down the damaging effects of free radicals. With balanced intake of vitamin E, the body benefits from the benefits of the vitamin. Vitamin E serves:

  • natural antioxidant;
  • reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases;
  • for the prevention of age-related degenerative diseases;
  • for healthy skin.

Vitamin E is often found in certain foods. It is used as a preservative protect food oxidation or rancidity.

Therefore, it is very important to prepare meals in such a way that the essential foods are included meet vitamin E needs instead of thinking primarily about supplements.

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