What is Niacinamide?

The water-soluble B vitamin niacinamide is one of the three B vitamin components, along with niacin and nicotinamide riboside. Like any B vitamin, niacinamide has antioxidant properties who bring it natural anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Focus on this vitamin that has many benefits for your skin!

Vitamin B3 and niacinamide in cosmetics: how to use it?

Due to its widely recognized virtues, niacinamide widely used in cosmetics, esp its natural effect on many skin problems. There are different ways to get the benefits of niacinamide integrate it into your beauty and care routine.

For the body:

Integrated into milk or body cream or enriched balm, niacinamide allows protect the skin acting as a barrier against external aggressions. Thus, the skin becomes more resistant and better moisturized. Niacinamide also has soothing and restorative properties which relieve the most sensitive skin from minor daily irritations. In addition to other natural ingredients such as shea butter or glycerin, its action can be beneficial. a feeling of intense and long-lasting hydration.

In an easy-to-apply milk or body cream, niacinamide can be used every day and will naturally find its place in your beauty and care routine: in the morning to protect the skin all day, in the evening to tidy him up and calm him down after a day of aggressions and irritations.

For the face:

Thanks to him soothing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, niacinamide is widely used in facial care. It helps fight many skin imperfections such as redness, spots and marks, eczema and even acne. Its antioxidant powers also make it a perfectly fights wrinkles and helps prevent skin aging. Its sedative action makes it a an important ally for sensitive, even intolerant or allergy-prone skin.

Operating both at the surface and at depth, niacinamide restores the entire radiance of the face. The face becomes even and radiant again, and the skin is nourished and soothed. Whether it’s in a day or night cream, milk or serum, niacinamide is used in many cosmetic products that you can use every day in your beauty and care routine.

Niacinamide benefits for skin

Lots of features niacinamide make one multipurpose vitaminable to act naturally on many skin imperfections.

An extremely natural moisturizer

Thanks to him With extremely moisturizing properties, niacinamide is ideal for nourishing and soothing very dry skin that is often prone to eczema and skin irritation.. It acts as a protective and nourishing barrier that allows preserve the skin’s natural moisture. Rich in lipids, that is allows the skin to heal and regenerate faster. Finally, its anti-inflammatory effect soothes the skin and protects it from irritation.

A natural antiaging agent

Niacinamide is a a powerful ally against aging. His antioxidant effect naturally slows skin aging caused by oxidation of skin cells. It also stimulates the natural production of collagen in the body thus improving skin elasticity and firmness.

Enhanced protection

Thanks to him soothing and protective propertiesniacinamide naturally helps the skin withstand treatments that contain active ingredients that can irritate or dry the skin, such as anti-wrinkle creams or acne treatments. So it works in addition to protecting your skin without reducing the effect of the care you use..

Natural anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory effect niacinamide allows effectively limits skin irritation and inflammation (acne, plaque and redness, etc.). Its gentle action limits the side effects seen with products such as antibacterials.

Could we be deficient in vitamin B3?

Because it is found in many foods, vitamin B3 deficiency is quite rare with a balanced diet. A lack of vitamin B3 would manifest itself as tingling in the legs and arms, loss of appetite, increased feelings of fatigue, headache and dizziness, hyperreactivity of the skin and mood swings for no apparent reason. When these symptoms appear, it is advisable to adjust the diet resume eating foods rich in vitamin B3.

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