8 Best Winter Fruits to Keep You Healthy

You don’t necessarily want to eat fruit this time of year, but it can boost your immune system and help you maintain a healthy weight. You might be surprised to learn that in Europe, pineapples are a seasonal fruit during the winter. When winter comes, you can enjoy winter squash and other hearty vegetables. But … Read more

what benefits can be obtained with regular use

As the famous Nana Mouscouri sings, “A sunflower doesn’t need a compass or a rainbow to turn to the sun.” When we walk in the fields in August, we think about nothing else but the “habits” of the plant to follow the daily path of the sun. In English, making an association between a celestial … Read more

Should you take vitamin D supplements for COVID-19?

why is it important Vitamin D has a profound effect on the innate immune system, our first line of defense, by stimulating antimicrobial peptides in mucous membranes. It also affects adaptive immunity by modulating T cell function. All about nutrition and immunity The book “Let’s stop sabotaging our immunity” by Thierry Souccar Two large meta-analyses … Read more

What supplement promotes hair growth?

food supplement for hair Dietary supplements are intended to supplement the intake of foods that may be deficient or lacking in variety. It should be remembered that an unbalanced or poorly varied diet affects hair health. This makes it dull, brittle, too dry or even too oily. Hair loss can be caused by nutritional deficiencies. … Read more

Why is an egg a complete food?

A little guide to the chicken egg An egg laid by a hen consists of a white liquid and a yellow cell enclosed in a shell. An egg weighs about 60 grams. Its role is to ensure the development of the young, so it is rich in nutrients. How to choose chicken eggs? France has … Read more

Vitamin and mineral supplements to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer: a false solution to avoid real problems

Louis MONNIER, Montpellier Systemic vitamin and mineral supplements are widely used for the prevention of both cardiovascular, cancer and chronic diseases. This practice is especially expensive for those who use it: $50 billion is spent in the US on various vitamin and mineral supplements. Does this mean that there is a “healthy” rationale for this … Read more

Vitamin D for Covid: Useful or not?

Are vitamin D deficient people at greater risk of contracting the coronavirus? Get in serious shape? Answers from specialists. Dr. Anne Sikorav Written on 2022-02-14Renewed 15/02/2022 Illustrative image. — Photo credits: © Shutterstock / Kameel4u From vitamin D against Covid-19 … This information has been widely circulated since the beginning of the pandemic. Indeed, we … Read more

Enjoy the benefits of vitamin E with these foods!

We all know that we need to eat fruits and vegetables, and many of them contain important vitamins and minerals. But did you know that vitamin E is one of those nutrients? Vitamin E intake is important for many reasons, including maintaining heart health and preventing cognitive decline. As one of the main active ingredients … Read more

Spotting the symptoms of vitamin E side effects

How to avoid vitamin E side effects? Supply of supplements vitamin E appears not necessary as part of a healthy and balanced diet. The body naturally absorbs tocopherol. To avoid the side effects of vitamin E overdose, simply respect the daily rate recommended by health organizations. You should avoid interactions between certain medications or supplements. … Read more

vitamin blend improves memory and cognition in the elderly

A new study found that daily multivitamin supplements improved memory, executive function and cognition in older adults. Some age-related cognitive decline is normal, but older adults are also at risk of developing cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Research is ongoing into factors that affect cognitive health and what may … Read more