Benefits of Vitamin B3

Niacin for an energetic body

Your body needs energy to function. To fully understand, you have to think of your body as a machine. And vitamin B3 as starter and fuel for this machine. Niacin converts food into energy. Then filling with vitamin B3 contributes to reduce your fatigue.

Soft children’s skin with vitamin B3

Children usually have soft, elastic skin. Collagen synthesis is at its peak at this age. The skin is well nourished and has enough water. Over time, it loses its density and shine. Vitamin B3 contributes to reduce the effects of aging. Biologically, it stimulates the production of fibroblasts, cells that protect the skin.

But that’s not all. Research shows that toobenefits of vitamin B3 because of :

Nicotinamide for cardiovascular function

Your cardiovascular health contributes to the proper functioning of your body. Parameters such as cholesterol, diabetes or blood pressure are in the center of attention. Some of these parameters are affected Your Vitamin B3 Intake. Discovery.

Nicotinic acid for the prevention of blood pressure problems

Hypertension is a symptom when your blood pressure metabolism goes into panic mode. However, this discrete and underestimated disease is very common. Sometimes it goes along with heart problems. Research shows that vitamin B3 in food supplements or by injection lower blood pressure in people with hypertension. Therefore, a diet rich in niacin can prevent hypertensive crises.

Highest triglycerides due to niacin benefits

Vitamin B3 is involved in the production of certain enzymes. Among them, vitamin B3 contributes to the synthesis of a group of enzymes affecting lipid metabolism. With good niacin intake, your body works better with lipids. Then vitamin B3 inhibits fatty acid synthesis. Therefore she lowers your triglycerides.

Vitamin B3 for cholesterol control

Niacin is known to lower bad cholesterol. Many studies highlight this effect on your body. However, the amount consumed (in dietary supplements) in these studies far exceeds the recommended standards. Also if you deliver excess cholesterol, consult your doctor before taking food supplements. Vitamin B3 is toxic in high doses.

Nicotinic acid, which fights atherosclerosis

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, niacin has an anti-inflammatory effect by regulating immune cells. It is this anti-inflammatory action that explains its protective effect against atherosclerosis. In fact, atherosclerosis is characterized by the buildup of plaque in your blood vessels. Vitamin B3 for its anti-inflammatory effect, would reduce the formation of these plaques. Therefore, a good intake of niacin helps prevent atherosclerosis.

Increased intake of niacin for the female hormonal system

Vitamin B3 plays a special roleoptimize the production of sex hormones. Consequently, a deficiency can lead to reproductive difficulties. This role of nicotinamide applies to both women and men. A good reason for women to choose a healthy diet during pregnancy.

Mental health is preserved with a good amount of vitamin B3

Like many B group vitamins, vitamin B3 affects neurotransmitters. This means that it is involved in the production of molecules such as dopamine, serotonin or even norepinephrine. These different neurotransmitters play an essential role in controlling mood. Adequate intake of vitamin B3 ensures optimal production of these valuable neurotransmitters.

More efficient muscle cells with niacin-rich foods

Better Muscles with Vitamin B3. Why not ? Some studies show that vitamin B3 promotes stronger muscle fibers. Therefore, niacin would allow longer muscular effort. Otherwise, vitamin B3 supports metabolism during physical exercises. This allows you to gain energy and reduce fatigue.

Nicotinic acid as a treatment for pellagra

The severe vitamin B3 deficiency causes pellagra, also called 3D disease: dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia. Also, the treatment of this disease is mass supplementation (under the supervision of a doctor).

Choose your vitamin B3 sources wisely for optimal benefits

Vitamin B3 is found in most foods. However, it is more abundant in protein-rich foods. In addition, a balanced diet will meet your needs. Remember that vitamin B3 is partially produced your liver from tryptophan, amino acid. In case of deficiency, there are nutritional supplements.

Vitamin B3, an essential element of the B group of vitamins, has various names. As far as his identity, its advantages are many. Its effects range from cholesterol regulation to neurotransmitter regulation. Niacin is also involved in the production of sex hormones, skin regeneration and muscle fiber development. Its food sources are varied. It is partly produced by your body. Then it uses tryptophan, a substance derived from protein.

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