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Your skin is the showcase of your entire body. Although this does not appear to be directly related to the organs, it may reflect the state of their health. Therefore, glowing and well-moisturized skin can mean that everything is fine in the body. However, it should not be forgotten that it protects the body from all external elements, including harmful microorganisms, air, dirt, etc.

It also plays the role of an evolutionary organ, excreting toxins through its pores. Therefore, he may get tired and require special care. Among the necessities to keep him well are many vitamins that you need to know. Here is more information.

The most important vitamins for healthy skin.

When it comes to maintaining the beauty of your skin, vitamins are an affordable and accessible natural skincare must-have at home. Vitamins A, C and E are especially important for maintaining or having glowing, healthy skin.

  • Vitamin A is considered an effective anti-wrinkle agent. It helps protect the skin from sun exposure, pollution and other environmental factors.
  • Vitamin C is great for dull, blemished skin. It helps restore damaged skin and stimulates collagen production.
  • Vitamin E helps maintain skin hydration and provides the highest antioxidant protection.

While you can get these vitamins from a healthy diet, you may also need to supplement with a topical cream or serum to ensure your skin gets enough vitamins. By treating your skin with the right nutrients, you can help it look its best for years to come.

Which vitamin for which skin type?

Your skin needs special attention to look younger. But with all the vitamins out there, it can be confusing to know which one is right for your skin type. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best vitamin for your skin:

  • If you have dry skin, look for vitamin C that contains hyaluronic acid. This substance helps to attract moisture to the skin, keeping it hydrated. This makes it a potent anti-aging agent.
  • If you have oily skin, choose vitamin B3 that contains niacinamide. This ingredient helps regulate sebum production, keeping pores clear and skin matte.
  • If you have sensitive skin, Choose vitamins A, C and E, which are rich in antioxidants. These nutrients help protect the skin from environmental damage and reduce redness and inflammation.
  • If you have combination skin, you know that choosing the right skin care products can be a challenge. Oily areas can cause cracking, while dry areas can cause tightness and discomfort. Fortunately, the combination of vitamins B3, C and E can brighten skin, reduce the appearance of dark spots, improve skin tone and texture, and hydrate and protect skin cells.

Regardless of your skin type, there are vitamins that can help it look its best. So do some research and find what works for you!

So when is the best time to use these skin-friendly vitamins?

The answer may surprise you. Although it is often thought that supplements are best taken in the morning, studies have shown that taking them at night can actually be more effective. This is because vitamins A, C and E are all fat-soluble, meaning they are best absorbed by the body with a meal that contains fat. Therefore, if you want your skin to be blemish-free, be sure to take your vitamins in the evening.

What else can you do to keep your skin healthy?

  • Food always comes first. It is best to focus on healthy foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins necessary for cell regeneration. And this in turn reflects glowing, smooth and youthful-looking skin. This is the case with fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, etc. In short, everything that comes from nature.
  • Water is also one of the necessary elements of the skin. You need to drink enough water every day to prevent the skin from becoming dry, flaky or wrinkled.
  • Sleep is also essential. Gives the skin time to regenerate and get rid of dead cells. On average, sleep lasts 8 hours. Because in order to wake up well and look good, it is strongly recommended to lie down from 10 p.m.
  • And finally, physical exercises are also necessary. They allow you to reduce, even eliminate, stress and maximize your flourishing.
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