5 Benefits of Vitamin B8 or Biotin

1. Using biotin for hair loss

Biotin-based supplements are usually recommended strengthen hair and slow down hair loss. However, these statements are not accurate. Indeed, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) provides than vitamin B8 only contributes maintain healthy hair. So where does the frenzy about tablets and gummys biotin?

The role of biotin in hair

Hair mainly consists of keratins, proteins. The body uses several vitamins and nutrients to synthesize them, including biotin. Therefore, its contribution is essential structure hair cells.

Hair: What disorders require biotin supplementation?

Lack of vitamin B8 can cause alopecia. It causes disease excessive shedding of hair and body hair. In this case, the use of food supplements or a diet rich in biotin is completely justified. On the other hand, if your hair is healthy and your body is getting enough of the vitamin, there is no benefit to using B8-enriched products. They will not enhance the beauty of your hair or stop its natural fall.

Gentlemen, if you notice gradual hair loss with age, it is most likely hereditary baldness. unfortunately Biotin won’t do miracles to you The same goes for gray hair problems. All cosmetic products containing biotin are also ineffective, since the vitamin is absorbed only with food.

2. Vitamin B8 for nail beauty

EFSA prohibitsuse this health claim: Vitamin B8 helps strengthen nails. However, studies have shown a the effectiveness of the vitamin on brittle nails. In fact, people with thin and brittle nails have improved after starting biotin treatment. How to explain this? Nails are accessories, just like hair. They are also made of keratin. Therefore, biotin is involved in the construction of nails. If you have several nail problemsTaking biotin regularly can help you.

3. Biotin for skin disorders

The last representative of skin supplements also sees the benefits of vitamin B8: the skin. In fact, the skin also contains keratin. Therefore, biotin-rich foods and supplements contribute to maintain skin health. The vitamin would especially help with seborrheic dermatitis, acne or eczema. Remember that the skin is an organ that protects us from external attacks. Therefore, the skin is tested, it needs to be taken care of so that there are no problems. In addition, a biotin deficiency causes skin problems various, especially on the face and around the mucous membrane.

4. The role of vitamin B8 in the body’s energy

In general, vitamin B8 helps to recover and use nutrients from food. So she participates normal energy metabolism from the body. Biotin carries out several reactions in the body, the role of which is glucose, protein synthesis and fatty acid metabolism.

The role of vitamin B8 in carbohydrate control

Biotin is involved in carbohydrate metabolism. These nutrients are the body’s fuel, especially glucose. It is vitamin B8 that participates in the reaction taking place in the liver that allows synthesis of glucose from other elements. This phenomenon, called gluconeogenesis, stabilizes blood sugar levels. Several studies have investigated the benefits Vitamin B8 for diabetic patients.

Sports and muscles: the benefits of biotin

The protein synthesis is made from amino acids (obtained only through food). Protein production is only possible with the intervention of other molecules, such as biotin or other vitamins. All of these nutrients help muscle building and recovery. In the world of sports, there are also nutritional supplements consisting of amino acids and vitamins.

Vitamin B8 and fatty acid metabolism

The consumption of fatty acids is important for the functioning of the body. Indeed, these lipids allow a energy storage and cell design. Vitamin B8 plays an important role in the metabolism of fatty acids, which contributes to overall health.

5. Biotin: functioning of the nervous system and mental well-being

Biotinylation (B8’s ability to bind to other molecules) allows biotin to carry out many exchanges in the body. So the vitamin is involved development of nerve cells (including the brain) and DNA replication. Therefore, the benefits of vitamin B8 for the functioning of the nervous system and mental functions. In addition, vitamin deficiency can cause various symptoms such as tingling, depression or lethargy.

The benefits of vitamin B8 many. There are many food sources of biotin (eggs, liver, uncooked vegetables, etc.). Our intestinal flora can also synthesize it. Therefore, deficiency of this vitamin due to its deficiency is very rare. It’s not there is no need to take supplements if there is no risk. A deficiency can be caused by illness, certain medications, or excessive consumption of raw eggs. Before taking capsules or without hesitation, consult a nutritionist for advice gummys of biotin.

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