What vitamins and nutrients should be provided for a smooth pregnancy?

vitamins nutrients pregnancy

A pregnancy calm goes through a mode healthy and full of energy. In this sense, it is very important eat food and food supplements optional. And they must be chosen correctly to avoid possible shortages for both the mother and the future. a baby. In this article, find out what vitamins and nutrients you need to take to ensure your pregnancy lasts well until D-day.

Why take vitamins and nutrients during pregnancy?

In many ways, pregnancy A woman is a test. For 9 months, you face incredible ups and downs, laziness, moments of stress… In short, you see all the colors. To cope with all this and ensure the good health of the future baby, it is strongly recommended to use quality food supplements. As they are rich in all kinds of vitamins and mineral salts, they will help:

  • Avoid nutrient deficiencies that can be caused by stress and repetitive fatigue,
  • to strengthen the immune defense of both the mother and the fetus,
  • to ensure the proper development of the fetus until the day of delivery,
  • prevent asthenia and/or replenish energy when you feel sluggish,
  • determine the nutrients and mineral salts that the body needs during pregnancy,

Vitamins and nutrients needed during pregnancy

The vitamins they not only tone the body, but also allow the body to process certain nutrients that are very useful for the body. So we have an example of vitamin C, which boosts the immune system, but is also a good iron fixer. Pregnant women are given vitamins that guarantee the health of her and the future child.

Vitamin B9

Also known as folic acid, vitamin B9 is often recommended by specialists pregnancy healthy If you are planning to have a baby, you are welcome to eat foods rich in vitamin B9, 2-3 months before conception. It actually guarantees the formation of the embryo’s spine and brain from the first days after conception. It is also used in the production of new tissues, blood cells, brain and nervous system. You will find them in spinach, red beans, sunflower seeds, oranges…

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps absorb calcium, which is very useful for the formation of the fetal skeleton. It is also called upon to ensure the proper functioning of the immune system and cell growth. Everyone knows it, the first source vitamin D is the sun However, it can also be found in foods such as fatty fish (trout, salmon, etc.), egg yolk, cow’s milk, etc. It is also found in several food supplements, such as INOVANCE Gestavance 30 capsules.

Omega 3

With vitamin B9Omega-3 is one of the best nutrients to consume through pregnancy. It helps in brain development. In addition, it participates in the formation of the eyes of the future baby. On the side mother, it helps keep him in a good mood by giving him a sense of well-being. These nutrients are found in fatty fish (sardines, salmon, mackerel), flax or chia seeds, walnuts or even multivitamin supplements, such as NHCO Nutragest Pregnancy Pregnancy.


to calcium is one of nutrients the most important thing is to use it when you are pregnant. It contributes to the development of the bones and teeth of the future skeleton a baby. In addition, you need to know that calcium deficiency is dangerous for the expectant mother. Indeed, if it does not consume enough calcium-rich foods, the fetus will take its reserves. On the source side, there are foods that contain this nutrient almonds, dairy products, sesame butter (Tahini), green cabbage, watercress…

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