Top 7 Foods That Contain Vitamin B

1. Liver

The liver is undoubtedly the grand champion of foods containing vitamin B. This is no less important 6 group B vitamins different. Liver is rich in vitamin B2 or riboflavin. However, it is also rich in vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B8 (biotin) and vitamin B9 (folate).

Liver, like organ meat, is rich in vitamin B12 (cobalamin). When it comes to vitamin B6, you can also choose: pork liverveal liver, poultry liver or even beef liver contain high amounts of this vitamin.

2. Cereals and bread

Cereals and breads are an important part of our dietary need for vitamin B. In particular, you will find vitamin B6 in all forms of grains. However, we advise you to prioritize whole grain products. They are an important source of vitamin B3, vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and vitamin B1.

3. Meat

you will understand thatomnivorous diet and flexitarians have a slight advantage over more restrictive diets. You will find a lot of vitamin B3 and vitamin B12 in meat. To supplement with vitamin B8, especially go to lean meat (turkey, veal, chicken). You can also eat pork, which is an important source of vitamin B1.

4. Fish

Fish is neck and neck with meat in these top 7 foods that contain vitamin B. As a reminder, we usually only talk about meat for mammals, especially land animals, as well as birds, but not fish. So you can fill vitamin B6vitamin B3 and vitamin B12 while enjoying delicious grilled trout with thyme!

5. Milk and milk products

Vegetarians who like Dairy Products you can rejoice: they are also rich in vitamin B. For example, you can find a large amount of vitamin B2 in foods such as milk, yogurt or even cheese.

Dairy products are also rich in vitamin B5 and vitamin B12. For the latter, unfortunately, there is no vegan food source. Are you vegan? Consider supplements that contain vitamin B12 to avoid shortages.

6. Eggs

Eggs are another vegetarian food source rich in various B vitamins, especially riboflavin (vitamin B2). Eggs are also among the foods that contain vitamin B12. If you are looking for a source of vitamin B8, just boil the eggs! Finally, if you were going to eat them raw…

7. Vegetables and legumes

After bread and cereals, vegetables and legumes vegan food which contain the most vitamin B. We are particularly referring to starchy vegetables and leafy vegetables, which contain many different vitamins.

Vitamin B in starchy vegetables

The starchy vegetables also has a role to play in your diet. But what are starchy foods? A vegetable is starchy if it simply contains starch. For example, potatoes or corn. Starchy vegetables are rich in vitamin B6.

Vitamin B in leafy vegetables

The leafy vegetables is also a major source of vitamin B. They are among the foods that contain vitamin B9 (folate). Consider adding spinach, lettuce or kale to your shopping list!

Vitamin B in legumes

to a group of legumes also contributes vitamin B to your diet. This time the focus is on folates. You can find your daily dose of vitamin B9 in beans, broad beans, lentils or even chickpeas. The foods made from soy is also high in vitamin B6.

We’ve reached the end of our top 7 foods that contain vitamin B ! Of course you can find vitamin B in other dishes. For example, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) is generally very abundant in food. If you want to research your favorite dishes, know that the main source of data about nutritional composition of food There is in France Ciqual food composition table.

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