What are the side effects of vitamin B8?

Side and negative effects of biotin supplements

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. Specifically, this means that it is easily eliminated by the body through the urinary system. So, the body accumulates very little vitamin and it is there is no risk of overdose. Use of a food supplement or medication to correct the deficiency vitamin B8even in large doses, it does not negatively affect the metabolism.

However, there are few reports of vitamin B8 side effects. According to Bayer drug leafletusing pill triggers sometimes skin symptoms. This unwanted effect of biotin manifests itself as hives, edema, rash or itching. The use of excipients with known effects may also cause certain disorders. Before taking vitamin B8 as a dietary supplement, check the full ingredients list.

Contraindications to taking vitamin B8 supplements

It exists few contraindications take vitamin and mineral supplements. If you are in good health, taking reasonable amounts of biotin is beneficial. On the other hand, if you have a allergic relief, use vitamin B8 supplements only after diagnosing a deficiency and consulting a doctor. Also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking biotin supplements. Indeed, there is limited data on the use of vitamin B8 during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Therefore, it is necessary to remain cautious.

Biotin and analysis results: a health risk?

We allocate some side effects of vitamin B8 on the body. But biotin affects not only hair loss, but also skin and nail health. Vitamin B8 plays an important role in the entire metabolism. The vitamin’s ability to bond with other molecules enables many reactions necessary for the body. Today, medical biology exploits this capacity of biotin. So many tests are valid chemical properties of vitamin B8. This is especially true for hormonal studies.

Therefore, a supplemental supply of biotin can distort the results of some blood tests. These interferences are evident when biotin is absorbed in large amounts: in the treatment of B8 or biotinidase deficiency, multiple sclerosis, etc. This problem occurs same with low doses. Taking a biotin supplement is enough to cause discrepancies.

In addition to the side effects of vitamin B8, these misdiagnosing problems poses a health risk. In reality, the doctor is misled by bad data. Therefore, he may prescribe a drug that is not suitable for his patient’s situation. This can lead to metabolic disturbances and symptoms. For example, there is cases of misdiagnosis of hyperthyroidism due to biotin intake.

Therefore, the use of dietary supplements as part of vitamin and mineral therapy is insignificant. although Vitamin B8 side effects are mild and rare, biotin products can cause related problems. Consult a health or nutrition professional to discuss the need and benefits of such medications.

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