Top 3 vitamins to take for a stress-free and energetic summer

Vitamin E is essential for a healthy summer

Vitamin E is part of us 3 Best Vitamins to Take in Summer. It fights allergies and protects the body from external aggressions. Vitamin E also makes the skin more beautiful.

Vitamin E allows the body to protect itself from the sun

Vitamin E is an antioxidant. This allows you to have beautiful skin and be healthy all summer long. Find out why it can be a useful accessory for you this season.

Vitamin E against the harmful effects of the sun in summer

Vitamin E helps neutralize free radicals produced by the sun, stress, sea, pollution or even tobacco. It removes toxins from the body and has antihistamine properties. In other words, vitamin E helps Effectively combat typical summer allergies.

Vitamin E is ideal for beautiful skin without risking the sun

Vitamin E also helps support good skin hydration. This is very useful for a good holiday in the sun without risk. It is also necessary to have a beautiful skin very soft and elastic longer. Protected and healthy hair is also a benefit of vitamin E. Another benefit of vitamin E in summer is its action soothing and restorative. Skin regenerates faster after sunburn.

Vitamin E in food: what dose?

Vitamin E is not produced in sufficient quantities in the body. Therefore it must be provided with food in the body. According to ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety),adequate intake of vitamin E per day is:

  • 9 milligrams for women;
  • 10 milligrams for men.

Vitamin E can be found in vegetable oils, almonds, hazelnuts or even sunflower seeds. Mix vitamin E and vitamin C is strongly recommended for greater efficiency.

Vitamin C is an essential contribution to summer fishing

Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid the strongest antioxidant. This acid protects and significantly improves the skin. In addition, vitamin C provides energy and makes life much easier in hot weather. It promotes the absorption of iron in the body, which helps prevent fatigue in midsummer. Therefore, vitamin C naturally has its place among the top 3 vitamins to take in summer.

Vitamin C is a great ally for beautiful skin and energy all summer long

Vitamin C, like vitamin E, is part of the antioxidant family. Vitamin C improves a lot collagen production in the body. Thanks to this collagen, the body can fight against the sun’s rays and gives the skin a glow and firmness. Vitamin C also repairs skin problems or imperfections caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. It also works very efficiently on sunburn. Vitamin C significantly improves complexion and gives a “healthy glow” effect. In addition, vitamin C helps regulate body temperature. Therefore allowsavoid heat stroke whole summer.

Tips for getting enough vitamin C throughout the summer season

According to ANSES, dietary recommendations for residents (RNP) is 110 milligrams per day for adults. With a balanced diet, the body’s vitamin C needs are easily met. In fact, the main sources of vitamin C are in food fruits and vegetables. For example, kiwis, oranges, papayas or red peppers have a lot of vitamin C.

Vitamin D, ideal for spending a summer full of good mood and stress-free

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. In the summer, as well as in the winter, it is recommended to take vitamin D food supplements to avoid deficiency. Vitamin D also fights from fatigue and stress.

Benefits of vitamin D for the immune system in summer

Vitamin D is which are synthesized in the body by the sun. Thirty minutes of exposure to the sun every day allows the body to have a vitamin D intake needed every day. However, sun protection, long clothing and working indoors prevent the sun’s UV-B rays from synthesizing vitamin D in the body. As a result, the vast majority of the population needs to supplement in order to stay in good health, following a doctor’s advice and blood tests. Vitamin D strengthens the immune system and helps actively fight stress. It’s also a natural skin protector and promotes a cheerful mood all summer long.

What dose of vitamin D is necessary and in which foods can it be found?

Vitamin D is found naturally in very few foods. She appears mainly in oily fish, butter and egg yolk. For this reason, nutritional supplements are often prescribed by doctors. According to ANSES, the population dietary reference (NRD) is 15 micrograms per day for adults.

So 3 Best Vitamins to Take in Summer are: vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin D. They are mainly found in foods such as fruits and vegetables. Sometimes supplements like vitamin D are unavoidable. Thanks to these 3 vitamins, summer in the sun is safe and full of energy.

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