The most popular foods that contain vitamin E

Balanced diet, sufficient intake of vitamin E

It is advisable to benefit from the contribution according to the nutritional rules 12 mg per day of vitamin E. According to the ANSES dietary guidelines, the main sources of vitamin E are vegetable oils and certain vegetables. Food products provideds vitamin E therefore preferred. Research shows that vitamin E is obtained from food covers daily needs. A varied diet does not require supplements.

Depending on age, vitamin E nutritional guidelines replace:

  • small children (0-3 years) should consume 4-6 mg per day;
  • an older child (from 4 to 12 years old) needs 7 to 12 mg per day;
  • a woman needs 10 mg per day;
  • husband requests 15 mg per day.

The vitamin E deficiency It is rare in France. However, it is advisable not to suffer from an overdose. Both cause health problems.

Vegetable oils, foods containing vitamin E

Vegetable oils are among the best sources of vitamin E. They allow you to use all the properties of vitamin E. Foods that contain vitamin E include:

  • Sunflower oil ;
  • rapeseed oil;
  • wheat germ oil;
  • hazelnut oil;
  • olive oil.

Each oil has a different amount of vitamin E. Therefore, it is advisable change sources benefit from all the benefits of vitamin E. Some doctors also advise adding vegetable oil to food to diversify food from an early age. It seems important to choose organic farming oils, pure or extra pure and cold pressed. These vegetable oils will provide more health benefits.

Fruits, foods rich in vitamin E

Some fruits are an excellent source of vitamins. Eat fresh fruits and nuts is good for health. They are part of foods rich in vitamin E to meet daily needs.

Fresh and dried fruits rich in vitamin E

Foods that contain vitamin E include: some fruits are richer than others. They include:

  • lawyer;
  • some fishing;
  • kiwi;
  • dried apricots;
  • dried plums.

When it comes to vegetable oil, it’s still important to vary sources and maintain a varied diet. L’avocado and olives contains a lot of oil and fat. It seems that in such cases it is important to make sure that the body does not get too saturated with fat. Choose from a variety of dishes sounds like good advice for staying healthy.

Nuts for vitamin E benefits

The nuts or oilseeds Recognize that they are equipped with vitamin E:

  • almonds;
  • nuts;
  • Hazelnut ;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • peanut.

Some of these foods contain more vitamin E. The goal remains prefer these foods changing sources at each meal.

Vegetables, essential foods for a balanced diet

Eating vegetables at every meal is essential for body health. Vegetables hold a lot vitamins and minerals. Some are among the foods that contain enough vitamin E for the body. These foods include:

  • Broccoli;
  • cabbage;
  • spinach;
  • lamb salad;
  • dandelion;
  • kervel

eat vegetables rich in vitamin E the risk of deficiency and supplementation is avoided. It appears to be healthier to eat foods that contain vitamin E rather than supplements.

Other foods that contain enough vitamin E

In addition to vegetable oil, there are other products rich in vitamin E. We count products of animal origin how:

  • Cod liver oil;
  • salmon;
  • eggs;
  • margarine or butter.

Avoid the risk of disease with sources rich in vitamin E

Eat a varied diet provides better health. In order to reap the benefits of vitamin E, certain food sources should be preferred. Wheat or sunflower germ oil, rapeseed oil or olive oil should accompany every meal. By changing food sources with vitamin Eaddition will not be useful.

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