4 good reasons to start a course of vitamins and minerals

1. Take a course of vitamins to welcome winter

Winter is the season when our body is tested. Our bodies definitely need a little boost to stay in shape and fight off germs.

What vitamins to take to strengthen the immune system in winter?

Several vitamins are involved in its action immune defenses. Vitamins A and D stimulate certain white blood cells. Vitamin D will also prevent respiratory infections. You can find vitamin A in orange-colored fruits and vegetables, as well as organ meats. Vitamin D is very low in food. during winter, dietary supplements may be considered. Ask your doctor for advice, who will help you choose a product.

You can too take vitamin C treatment which helps strengthen the immune system. You can find it in raw foods. Be careful, because this vitamin has a peculiarity that it deteriorates during cooking. In the winter, also consider getting a vitamin B6 and B12 treatment. They are involved in the formation of blood cells. Vitamin B12 found mainly in foods rich in animal protein. Therefore, supplements are essential if you are vegan or vegetarian.

What vitamins to take to regain vitality during the winter?

In winter, the body fights against the cold and sometimes loses the energy to maintain the temperature. Vitamin therapy will help you regain your vitality. So you can consume vitamin C, participates in energy metabolism. If you have trouble falling asleep, vitamin B6 plays a role serotonin synthesis. You can find this vitamin in everyday foods such as organ meats, chicken or bananas.

2. Make vitamins to take care of your skin and hair

Looking for beauty products to care for your skin and hair? Here are some helpful tips to help you find it for the health of your hair and skin following a diet rich in vitamins.

Which vitamins and which natural remedies to choose to enhance the beauty of hair?

Medicine vitamin B8 will help improve the beauty of the hair. This makes them stronger limit their fall. You can find this vitamin in yeast, organ meats or mushrooms. If you decide to take supplements, take a closer look natural herbal ingredients. Also, don’t forget to consult Manger Bouger’s website, which will provide you with information about food supplements.

What vitamins and diets should you take to improve the beauty of your skin?

In addition to strengthening the immune system, vitamin C makes the skin brighter. Dietary vitamin A promotes skin healing. It also helps prevent acne and has anti-wrinkle power. You can find vitamin A in orange-colored ingredients, such as carrots or butter. You can also do a vitamin E treatment which has antioxidant properties. You can find it in oil or oily fish.

3. Take a course of vitamins to get back to sleep

Not everyone has the opportunity sleep peacefully daily. Lack of sleep has many consequences for the body. Vitamin therapy can help you sleep better.

What vitamins and minerals do you need to take to get back to sleep?

You can do a treatment with vitamin B6 which promotes sleep. Vitamin D also improves sleep quality. Also, prefer foods rich in magnesium, such as oilseeds or whole grains. In fact, people with magnesium deficiency often suffer from sleep disorders.

How to adjust your daily diet to get back to sleep?

A course of vitamins and minerals will help you fall asleep again. Feel free to contact nutritional references for vitamins and minerals ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety) to assess nutrient requirements your organization.

4. Take vitamin therapy to better deal with stress

If you tend to let yourself be overwhelmed everyday stress, vitamin therapy may be the solution. Discover the unintended effects of vitamins and minerals before using a psychotropic-type product.

What vitamins should be taken for good stress management?

A course of vitamins will help your body fight stress. Group B vitamins are involved in the activity of the nervous system. Vitamin D may also be helpful in combating mood disorders. Finally, iron, magnesium, and zinc are beneficial minerals for combating stress.

What foods should be consumed to fight stress on a daily basis?

You can eat fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel, which are plentiful containing vitamin B12. Eggs and dairy products are valued for their content vitamin B9. Consumed in moderation, chocolate that is high in iron and magnesium is also a true ally in the fight against stress.

Supplied in capsule form, gummys or pills, nutritional supplements are increasing. These products are designed to supplement your diet. They should not replace food. If you still choose to take supplements, stick to the recommended daily dose. Overdose can cause adverse health effects. If you think you are lacking, always ask.on the advice of a doctor before taking the supplement in tablet or capsule form.

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