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If you have a baby project, you may have heard of folic acid before. What is it used for? Can taking folic acid make it easier to get pregnant? How long to use? We asked the midwife so many questions

Before conceiving a baby, it is recommended to take special care of its health and nutrition so that the pregnancy takes place in the best possible conditions. So a good supply of vitamins, especially the famous folic acid, is essential.

Folic Acid: What is it?

folic acid or Vitamin B9is a very important water-soluble vitamin because it is the basis for the production of amino acids that will make up our proteins and our genetic material (DNA).explains obstetrician Olivier Collignon.

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Why should folic acid be taken before the baby is conceived?

Indeed, it is advisable to drink it whenever there is a desire for childrenhence before get pregnant and continue for the first weeks, that is, until the end of the 1st trimester of pregnancy. According to a healthcare professional:the idea is that the pregnant woman and the embryo should never be exposed to folic acid deficiency during embryogenesis. From the first hours after fertilization, when the oocyte begins to multiply, the embryo needs a large amount of folic acid. In addition, numerous studies have shown an increased risk of neural tube defects, the origin of the baby’s brain and spinal cord, with deficiency.. It is clear that this abnormality of the fetal nervous system can be prevented by a good level of vitamin B9.

In addition to the interest in the health of the baby, folic acid can also have a positive effect on the probability of pregnancy. But more specifically, does folic acid help you get pregnant? Midwife’s answer:folic acid supplements do not change initial fertility, but they do help improve the prognosis of pregnancy.. Be aware that in theory, if you’re extra careful with your diet, consuming a lot green vegetables, including green vegetables, but also liver and kidney, foods that are especially high in folic acid you can do without. But beware: “folic acid decreases during cooking. On the other hand, folic acid overdose has no consequences, so we recommend systematic supplementation for all patients.warns Olivier Collignon.

In practice, folic acid can be found in various dietary supplements, without a prescription.

“It should be taken as soon as you want to get pregnant, and in the best case, before the 18th week of amenorrhoeic (SA) pregnancy. It can be prescribed by your midwife during your preconception consultation.”, reminds Olivier Collignon. Then just go to the pharmacy. And the good news is, with a prescription, folic acid is 100% covered by Social Security.

The recommended dose is 0.4 mg per day. “However, some people at risk, such as patients who have had a bariatric surgerymore supply will be needed”emphasizes the midwife.

Also, if there is a history of a child with birth defects, type spina bifidafolic acid supplementation will be increased.

Finally, remember that all brands are suitable for pregnant women. Do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.

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