What is vitamin B6 used for?

Pyridoxine, the vitamin for good health

Found in many foods vitamin B6 works in different systems of your body. That’s whypyridoxine deficiency affects your overall health. In contrast, taking supplements to supplement your vitamin B6 intake can be very beneficial. Take a detailed look at each role of vitamin B6 to understand how it affects your health.

A good intake of vitamin B6 for hormonal activity at the top

Vitamin B6 plays a key roleHow your hormonal system works. Pyridoxine helps maintain estrogen and progesterone levels. This is why it is sometimes called the fertility vitamin. Too little progesterone is a factor in infertility. In addition, some recent studies show that vitamin B6 is also involved in male fertility.

A diet rich in pyridoxine for a strong immune system

Like many vitamins, vitamin B6 is involved how your immunity works. Thus, vitamin B6 contributes to the integrity of your mucosa. In addition, pyridoxine stimulates the production of antibodies by supplementing zinc. In addition, vitamin B6 is anti-inflammatory. This feature helps prevent the side effects of severe infections. According to some studies, pyridoxine would reduce the risk of serious forms of Covid-19.

Foods rich in vitamin B6 for red blood cell metabolism

Related to vitamins B9 and B12, vitamin B6 contributes to regeneration red blood cells from your blood. This role of pyridoxine is essential for your health. Red blood cells are involved in supplying oxygen to your cells. In addition, a severe deficiency of vitamin B6 causes a rare but serious form of anemia.

Pyridoxine for the functioning of the nervous system

Very little is known about the role of pyridoxine functioning of the nervous system is essential for your health. This vitamin is involved in the production of several neurotransmitters (chemicals that work in your brain). The most well-known neurotransmitters are:

  • serotonin;
  • dopamine;
  • adrenaline;
  • of norepinephrine.

These substances allow information to be exchanged between different neurons in your brain. Without them, your body would not be able to function because your brain would be anarchic.

Optimal supply of vitamin B6 for more energy

Although indirect, the role of vitamin B6 in the fight against fatigue is undeniable. Pyridoxine is involved in energy metabolism in several aspects. On the one hand, it stimulates the production of hemoglobin. This allows your cells to receive oxygen. On the other hand, vitamin B6 contributes to protein metabolism convert them into amino acids. Finally, it contributes to the synthesis of magnesium, a mineral whose deficiency causes fatigue.

Products rich in vitamin B6 for better absorption of magnesium

Vitamin B6 is a magnesium assimilation cofactor. This means that your body needs vitamin B6 to properly absorb magnesium. However, magnesium is an essential mineral responsible for several hundred enzymatic reactions in your body. Magnesium deficiency is common. They cause a lot of problems.

Vitamin B6, essential for your protein metabolism

With enough vitamin B6, the liver can produces pyridoxal phosphate. This pyridoxal phosphate is essential for protein utilization. Indeed, it is involved in the synthesis and degradation of certain amino acids such as tryptophan, tyrosine, cysteine ​​or even methionine.

How vitamin B6 works in your body

When you eat food or vitamin B6 food supplements, it is absorbed in the intestine. Vitamin B6, in whatever form, is then transported to the liver. The liver is the main organ for the synthesis of vitamin B6 into pyridoxal 5-phosphate. Pyridoxal 5-phosphate is the active form in your body. This form of vitamin B6 circulates in plasma and red blood cells. A possible excess of vitamin B6 is eliminated through the kidneys.

Vitamin B6 is a cofactor many enzymatic reactions in your body. It is involved in the breakdown of proteins. Pyridoxine also affects your nervous system and immune system. Finally, this vitamin promotes good hormonal health and quality blood in women. Deficiency in a balanced diet is rare. Excess is impossible with food.

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