Big scare after baby’s vitamin D overdose: ‘We almost lost him’!

These parents are very close to real tragedy. On the advice of a chiropractor, parents gave their babies another vitamin D. They thought it was drug dose was similar to the one they had before.

But they were wrong, and this mistake was almost fatal for your baby. Indeed, after a while the baby started to feel bad. His parents then took him to the emergency room knowing their mistake.

Vitamin D dosing error

Baby Alicia, just 6 months old, use regularly vitamin D. At first, her parents gave her ZymaD. But because the supplement gave him colic, they went to their chiropractor advices.

The specialist advised them to go another medicine. She also told us to be careful because even a small mistake can happen dangerous child’s Alicia and her spouse followed his advice. They searched online and came across Sunday Natural.

The drug shrinkage appeared to be consistent with ZymaD as the label indicated “10,000 TVs”. So they bought it. Unfortunately, they didn’t know they were there little difference. A dose of 10,000 IU of Sunday Natural does not correspond to one milliliter, as in ZymaD.

This corresponds to a drop. Alicia and her partner couldn’t know because the packaging was German, and neither did not know the language. Then they gave their child vitamin D, not suspecting that it would harm his health.

Vitamin D: side effects

A few days later, Alicia notices that her baby no luck. He stops gaining weight and has trouble standing on his stomach. Not knowing what to do, her mother and her husband take her to the doctor. Only there they realize their mistake.

The doctors told them that the baby suffering from nephrocalcinosis associated with vitamin D overdose. If they had delayed taking him away for investigation, the story could have ended very badly.

“We almost lost him. (…) If we say everything coldly, we tell ourselves that we almost killed our baby. This prospect haunts me even more than it makes me feel guilty,” laments Alicia.

Alicia was deeply affected by what she went through. Based on this experience, now she wants educate as many parents as possible. In particular, given the risks associated with vitamin D overdose.

Appropriate reflexes to adopt

Parents should provide the baby with adequate amounts of vitamin D. And this, in order to prevent such diseases as rickets. In fact, a properly supplemented baby rarely agrees growth problemse. This explains why pediatricians prescribe vitamin D from the first days of the child.

In addition, ANSES invites parents to be vigilant about the risks associated with a vitamin D overdose. In fact, if the supplement is not applied, it can cause serious health problems. How was it with Alicia’s baby.

In order to raise the awareness of as many people as possible, ANSES then posted a reminder in 2022 July 25 He offered some advice for parents on how to get enough vitamin D. Here’s what the agency recommends:

  • Talk to your doctor before giving vitamin D to your baby
  • Do not change the dose unless directed by your doctor
  • Always be careful when giving vitamin D to your baby
  • Do not give your baby several products that contain vitamin D

According to ANSES, it is better prefers drugs to food supplements. The reason is that they guarantee “clear information about doses, precautions (…) and overdose”.

Please note that in 2021 some cases of hypercalcemia have been reported in infants. It is about taking food supplements rich in vitamin D. This prompted ANSES to inform young parents.

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