Do sunscreens interfere with vitamin D synthesis?

vitamin d and sun protection

About 80% of adults are deficient in vitamin D. However, it is difficult to identify all the factors that can change our vitamin D levels. vitamin D. When the light The sun upon contact with the skin, the body begins to produce it. In addition, although some food since it is found in oily fish, others are simply fortified with this vitamin. Nevertheless, many people choose to accept food supplements fill your possible shortcomings.

We all need vitamin D AND Sun cream, daily. Know that it’s entirely possible to get both without being nutritionally deficient or severe burns due to over exposure The sun !

How is vitamin D produced?

Everyone needs it. And for good reason! It is she who promotes growth bones and protects us from diseases such asosteoporosis. Remember that vitamin D helps to strengthen our Immune system.

When the skin is exposed to sunlight, it begins to produce vitamin D. Ultraviolet B rays interact with a protein in the epidermis called 7-DHC, converting it into vitamin D3. In other words, the active form. vitamin D

Unfortunately, too many of us still believe that using sunscreen can lead to vitamin D deficiency. As a result, many people choose to be in the sun without bothering to use sunscreen.

What are the properties of this vitamin?

Thanks to our actions calcium regulatorvitamin D contributes to the robustness of our systeme. What makes it a vitamin necessary for healths. When people are deficient in vitamin D, they may experience symptoms such as bone and muscle pain or muscle weakness. In severe cases, by reducing calcium absorption, vitamin D deficiency can lead to growth retardation, decreased bone strength, and some weakening of the bone structure. Consequently, the risk of skeletal deformities, fractures and osteoporosis may increase.

Research has never shown that regular use of sunscreen can cause vitamin deficiencies.. In fact, people who use sunscreen daily have normal levels of vitamin D.

Should you be in the sun?

Sun protection offers many benefits. In fact, studies have shown thatregular use of broad-spectrum sunscreens can reduce the risk of squamous cell carcinoma by approximately 40%, melanoma by 50%, and premature skin aging by 24%. At the molecular level, it has been proven that sunlight can damage the skin’s DNA. This causes the genetic mutations responsible for skin cancer.

In conclusion, exposure to the sun without proper protection can lead to a certain number of serious attacks skin. In fact, regular use Sun cream can help you avoid all these inconveniences.

Does sunscreen prevent the body from synthesizing vitamin D?

Broad-spectrum sunscreens with a high SPF can filter out most of the sun’s UVB rays. In fact, these so-called UVB rays are the main cause of sunburn. In addition, they can cause skin cancer. In fact, UVB wavelengths are responsible for the production of vitamin D in the epidermis. However, studies have never shown that daily use of sunscreen can cause vitamin deficiencies. In fact, studies show that people with regular sun protection have completely normal levels of vitamin D.


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