Cancer: according to experts, the winning trio will protect against it

Significantly reduces the risk of developing cancer following three simple and natural rules everyday? This is what a team of scientists from the University of Zurich say. The recipe according to them: a combination of vitamin D,Omega 3 and D’exercise program home bodybuilding.
In order to make this observation, scientists between 2012 and 2017 followed more than 2,000 participants (mean age 74.9 years) in good health for almost three years. A randomized trial called DO-HEALTH was conducted in 5 European countries (Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria and Portugal).

Vitamin D, omega-3 and physical activity, weapons in the fight against cancer?

Previous studies have already shown this vitamin D can inhibit the growth of cancer cellsby regulating several genes responsible for cell proliferation and differentiation”., the authors of this study explain. But other results were more mixed, they note. Same with omega-3: if studies have shown protective mechanismsinflammation, cell proliferation and angiogenesis, other studies are less conclusive. Finally, if exercise has known benefits for immune function and inflammation, “clinical trials testing the effects of exercise on cancer prevention are still lacking “, the researchers added, which is why they wanted to analyze itthe association of these three actions with the risk of invasive cancer For adults 70 years and older. And for good reason”the incidence of many cancers increases significantly with age and the disease is the second leading cause of death in the elderly., They say. Their results are published in the journal The limits of agingare quite pleasing.

A promising partnership

The subjects who participated in the study were divided into 8 groups to assess the individual and combined benefits of different interventions. The first group was supplemented with vitamin D3 up to 2000 IU per day, or 200% of the current recommended amount for the elderly (800 IU per day). This group also consumed 1 g of omega-3 per day and followed an exercise program consisting of 3 sessions per week.

The second group took vitamin D3 and omega-3; the third group received vitamin D3 while following an exercise program, the fourth group was supplemented only with omega-3 and followed a physical activity program, and so on… One group also received a placebo. All were followed up by telephone to check that the recommendations were being correctly followed and were regularly assessed.

At the end of the investigation, 81 cases of invasive cancer were diagnosed and checked. Furthermore, while the researchers found that each intervention produced small individual benefits, a combination of the three (vitamin D3, omega-3, and a home exercise program) was most beneficial in terms of prevention. The authors of the study observed a reduction of 61%. risk of invasive cancer.

Based on these results, these experts believe that daily supplementation with a high dose of vitamin D3 and omega-3 along with physical activity in adults aged 70 years and older should be included in public health programs. “Although these results still need to be confirmed in larger samples and over a longer period of time, they suggest that simple, accessible and inexpensive interventions can reduce the increasing burden of cancer.they conclude.

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