Test: Do you have weaknesses?

Vitamins, minerals, micronutrients… is your plate providing you with all the micronutrients your body needs? This test will allow you to check it.

Check the sentence every time you are worried:

  1. My vision is very bad when driving at night.
  2. I have dry skin and hair.
  3. I am often a victim of respiratory infections.
  4. I am very into alcohol.
  5. My memory often fails.
  6. I often get headaches.
  7. I lack energy.
  8. I’m clumsy.
  9. I have no appetite and often choke.
  10. my hair is falling out.
  11. I’m an insomniac.
  12. I have oily skin.
  13. I suffer from eczema.
  14. I feel depressed, irritable.
  15. I have a pale complexion and my nails break easily.
  16. I have cracks in the corners or chapped lips.
  17. I am a vegetarian.
  18. My tongue is red and sore.
  19. I live fast and I’m always stressed.
  20. I have conjunctivitis.
  21. My feet often “burn”.
  22. I consume very little milk.
  23. I have trouble concentrating.
  24. I get a cold every winter.
  25. i smoke
  26. I am extremely tired.
  27. I have a tendency to allergies.
  28. My gums are bleeding.
  29. I eat very little fruit.
  30. I often have pain in my joints and muscles.
  31. I live north of the Loire.
  32. I avoid fat.
  33. I have brittle bones.
  34. I work indoors.
  35. I am over 60 years old.
  36. I have painful and/or very heavy periods.
  37. My skin is wrinkled.
  38. I am prone to hemorrhoids.
  39. I follow a low calorie diet.
  40. I have rheumatism.
  41. I often get cramps.
  42. I have muscle spasms (tremor, tetany).
  43. I’m worried
  44. I have heart palpitations.


If you ticked at least two statements from 1 to 4, you may be missing vitamin A It is essential for good vision and also plays an important role in skin protection and resistance to infections.

If you checked seven or more of the statements 4-22, you may be missing one or more types group B vitamins. Many French people are deficient because these vitamins are not stored in the body and must therefore be obtained regularly through food.

If you ticked four or more statements from items 23 to 30, you may have a deficiency vitamin C This vitamin is very sensitive to air and light. In addition, our needs increase when we abuse alcohol or tobacco (one cigarette destroys 25 mg). Vitamin C not only strengthens the immune system, but also reduces allergic reactions, facilitates concentration and ensures the synthesis of collagen, which contributes to the functioning of the joints.

If you ticked three or more statements among suggestions 24, 26, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, you may be suffering from vitamin D According to the National Health Nutrition Survey (2006), at least eight out of ten French have a deficiency and nine out of ten seniors have a net deficit in winter.

If you ticked four or more of statements 2, 26, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40, you may be deficient Vitamin E. There is often too little in our food. However, as soon as a person experiences aggression (stress, pollution), its needs increase, and its lack can cause inflammation.

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If you checked four or more statements between statements 4, 11, 19, 30, 41, 42, 43 and 44, you are probably missing them magnesium. More than half of the population has a deficit. Especially under stress, drinking a lot of tea, coffee or alcohol, using diuretics that deplete the supply.

If you have ticked four or more statements from suggestions 3, 6, 7, 10, 15, 17, 25, 26, 36 and 44, check your level. iron. It is the most common nutritional deficiency in France and the main cause of anemia. The first reason is insufficient intake: a vegetarian diet or weight loss. Iron deficiency can also occur due to heavy blood loss during menstruation. For this reason, women of childbearing age often suffer.

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