how to recharge your body to recharge your batteries and overcome stress

Are you feeling exhausted? Viruses, stress, sedentary life, insufficient intake of vitamins: all this winter “cocktail” had a detrimental effect on your health. With the first rays of sunshine, almost two months ago, it is tempting to go out and enjoy physical activities such as gardening, long walks and sometimes sports. Gently! Not so fast! It’s not time to live fast! Your body needs a period of adaptation, and energy foods can give you a “syllow”. What foods will help recharge the batteries?

Why do we need food to get good energy?

food energy demand elements vitamins minerals dynamism

The answer is simple: we need vitamins and minerals to be effective. Where to get them? Energy food that contains them! Prioritize simple and complex carbohydrates compared to protein and fat, you need to know how your body processes them. Calculating net carbs and the glycemic index are two good ways to find out how energetic a food is and how much blood sugar it produces.

food energy coffee energy soft drinks two-way

Coffee tops your personal list of nutrients that give you energy. This is partly true, but it should not be stopped! It, along with energy drinks, represents a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you get the necessary dose of energy to start the day, but on the other hand, this routine carries risks: obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Everything in moderation, because jumping over the barbell can have irreversible consequences.

What natural energy food should you have without hesitation?

food energy essential health protection need to strengthen

Choosing wisely is the key! Because you not only need energy, but it is also necessary to protect your health and it does not harm your general well-being. In addition to knowing which foods are natural energy boosters, it’s important to focus on how to eat them.

energy food slimming salad energy boost will help burn fat

you feel afternoon fatiguebut before choosing more than one cup of coffee, eat a slimming salad which will give you energy and help burn fat. Consider eating six to eight meals a day instead of three large meals with snack breaks in between. If you increase your activity level, you will need to increase your caloric intake to maintain proper energy levels and weight.

Water + energy = a good solution

food energy to maintain body hydration, drink water throughout the day

You will want to keep your body hydrated and drinkable water regularly throughout the day, you will replenish your body’s electrolytes and energy reserves. You don’t like it too much? Well, there is no shortagetips for staying hydrated!

Foods for Natural Energy: A Dozen to Incorporate into Your Daily Routine

what foods for energy bananas get vitamins natural energy

It has more protein Bulgarian yogurt than other types for optimal energy and you can even easily prepared at home.

Despite their high sugar content, bananas will boost your potassium levels. In addition, they are a great replenishment of electrolytes, which are necessary to feel energetic throughout the day or during physical activity.

Like bananas, sweet potatoes are another storehouse of potassium. Another benefit of consuming them regularly is that they provide long-lasting complex carbohydrates that slowly release energy in the body over time. Check out our article on how to eat potatoes quite frequently.

what foods for energy drink chewing mint boosts strength

Among the aromatic herbs with a thousand virtues is mint, which, added to a water bottle or chewed, provides a sense of infinite freshness.

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which promotes tissue growth and regeneration throughout the body. Drink orange juice in the morning orlemon water will change your daily routine.

By sipping coconut water, you’ll be providing five essential electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Seeds and grains are also useful as energy foods

what foods good energy seeds useful grains lack energy

What kind of bread do you eat? This may be the cause of the lack of energy. Refined grains (for example, foods made from white flour) quickly release energy in the body, which can soon lead to a feeling of sleepiness.

In contrast, when whole grains are digested, energy is gradually released in the body and you will feel more energetic.

Eat like a bird to work like a lion. Snack on chia, sunflower and pumpkin seeds for an extra serving of protein and heart-protecting healthy fats. The low carb content will keep your body’s energy levels stable and prevent you from feeling jittery, high or low in blood sugar.

For example, quinoa is a natural source of protein that contains all eight amino acids. It has a lot more fiber than other grains, which makes sense since it was the food of the ancient Inca warriors.

Eggs, spinach, salmon: what they all have in common is that they give the body energy

which food supplement for energy eggs salmon spinach rich in protein

Packed with protein and B vitamins, essential for healthy metabolism and energy function, eggs won’t leave you feeling weak. Cook them ahead of time for an easy snack, or whip them up on a Sunday morning as you like. In general, you can eat several times a day (even with the yolk) to stay active.

Spinach can be eaten raw ( recipes abound). This superfood is packed with iron and potassium, vitamins A and C, fiber and phytonutrients to keep energy levels high. Add a few handfuls to a blender with fresh apple slices and ice for a quick greens-filled smoothie.

which dietary supplement energy salmon is rich in energy-giving elements

Obviously, fish is rich in energy-giving elements. Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your cardiovascular health, but the protein content alone will keep you feeling strong and vibrant for a long time.

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