Cod liver oil, which is rich in vitamin D, may help prevent Covid-19

A Press release from Oslo University Hospital revealed that Norway is about to conduct one of the largest clinical trials in the country Try prophylactic use of cod liver oil coronavirus. The study will take place until 2021. in April, 70,000 volunteers will take part in it. 50% will receive a placebo and the other participants will receive cod liver oil. The condition for participation in the study is not to take cod liver oil, fish oil capsules, omega 3, vitamin D or multivitamins during the study.

Still in 2020 March. Norwegian researchers began a study called the Koronastudien with approximately 150,000 patients, of whom 2,000 tested positive for the virus. SARS-CoV-2. The research team first confirmed that regular cod liver oil users were less likely to develop a severe form of the disease when infected. They then discovered that regular users of this oil were less likely to be infected. ” We see the symptoms that cod liver oil users have reduced risk of infection due to the coronavirus published by Arne Søraas, a researcher at the Department of Microbiology at Oslo University Hospital.

For several months now, scientists have been interested in the link between vitamin D deficiency and pollution Covid-19. Thus, several studies have shown abnormally low levels of vitamin D in patients with the disease severe form coronavirus. Indeed, unusual shortages were later recorded in countries such as Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

As we explained in this articleSpanish study published in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism revealed that in a sample of patients with Covid-19, 82% of coronavirus patients were deficient in vitamin D compared to 40% of the general population. Another study published in JAMA Network is open showed that ” the risk of contracting Covid-19 in people with vitamin D deficiency was close twice as big than people with enough of this vitamin” indicated by our editors Science and life. Also Another US preliminary study showed that people who are deficient in vitamin D will have 15% risk more likely to have a severe form of the coronavirus.

After this observation, Norwegian scientists wondered whether cod liver oilthe richest source of vitamin D, can have prophylactic effect (preventive effect) against the coronavirus. In fact, the amount of vitamin D in cod liver oil is 200-250 μg per 100 grams, so up to 10 times more than foods such as salmon or sardines.

In addition, in 2020 in June study organized by researchers in Singapore, has already been proposed and tested for use Calcitriol (active form of vitamin D) caused by a strong prophylactic activity against the coronavirus. Other publications, such as Fiona Mitchell’s 2011 Lancet and American research teams published in MDPI.

How does vitamin D work in the immune system?

Vitamin D, whose chemical name is calciferol, is a hormone found in food. It can be synthesized from an ergosterol derivative (of plant origin) or from cholesterol exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Vitamin D is fat soluble and promotes intestinal absorption of phosphorus and calcium. Therefore, this vitamin plays a key role in some physiological actions of the human skeleton and the human skeletonimmunological action. Cod liver oil containing the most abundant amount of vitamin Dusually assigned as a trace element prevention.

Although the benefits of cod liver oil have been discovered since the late 1800se century, namely in the years 1800-1920, the use of this oil spread thanks to him antirachitic effect (rickets: a disease that causes the bones to grow abnormally). It was Adolf Otto Windaus who discovered that vitamin D is a sterol (a subclass of steroids, the most common of which is cholesterol). immunological propertiesThe routine use of cod liver oil has also become a method to help combat employee absenteeism seasonal flu in the industrial sector since 1930

How cod liver oil would work as a prevention against Covid-19

Vitamin D affects the immune response by increasing its production antimicrobial peptides that aid autophagy (self-cleansing of cells) in the respiratory epithelium. Thus, the result is consistent cellular protection against respiratory diseases. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

In fact, the receptor site of the host cell of the coronavirus (SARS) is the enzyme ACE2. Scientists have noticed that vitamin D (eg in the form of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3) has a pronounced effect on ACE2. In addition, this vitamin has been shown (as previously mentioned) to help reduce excessive inflammation (cytokine shock) caused by the immune system during a Covid-19 infection.

The article was originally published on 11/26/2020

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