We Tested Garancia Vitamin C Miracle Powder 100/100 Yuka And It’s A Small Revolution

An anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant, vitamin C is the active ingredient of choice against dull complexion and skin aging. She climbed to the top last year The most searched anti-aging ingredients on Google. It must be said that she has serious beauty arguments.

Vitamin C, a powerful antiaging active ingredient for facial skin

Not satisfied with ensuring the proper functioning of the immune system, ascorbic acid is another small name for it – reduces pigment spotsprotects the skin from oxidative stress, stimulates collagen production and improves facial radiance. And if some natural foods that are especially rich in vitamin C to reach the RNP recommended 110 mg/day, topical use is also a good sign.

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Due to its antioxidant effect on free radicals, vitamin C reduces the effects of pollution, stress, UV rays and blue light on the skin of the face. So it’s only natural that Garancia has turned its attention back to the active ingredient in its latest skincare product, following the Radiance and Youth Vitamin C Booster Biphasic Serum in L’Appel de la Forêt (which is one of our 5 favorite dull and tired face treatments).

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We tested the L’Appel de la Forêt Garancia radiance and youth magic powder: our opinion

Garancia Magic Powder with Vitamin C in the test.

Garancia Vitamin C Powder available at Sephora

Blend It Yourself (BIY) is popular. This phenomenon, where the user mixes cosmetic active ingredients according to his needs, allows mixing a few drops of the self-tanner specific to his creamor form custom made shampoos perfect for her hair type. With this in mind, Garancia offers an innovative product this spring: L’Appel de la Forêt Radiance and Youth Magic Powder.

What is in Garancia Vitamin C Powder?

Famous for the magical Pschitt and Diabolique Tomate cream, the French brand has shaken up the codes once again with a mixology powder with vitamin C, rated 100/100 by Yuka. If the concept already existed, it was limited to relatively intimate brands until then.

In this waterless treatment, Garancia mixes 10% pure vitamin C with collagen – for the first time of plant origin – and 4 botanical extracts. Chicory Root and Fossilized Seaweed Extracts and Pinus Strobus and Beech Bark Powder illuminate the complexion, reflect light, nourish the skin microbiome and measure the epidermis.

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How to use on the face?

Using the product is child’s play. Simply add a small measuring spoon (included) of Magic Powder Radiance and Youth Call of the Forest to your regular care (serum, cream), then mix it all in with your finger. Despite our misgivings, the powder melted right into these different textures and there were no unfortunate clumps. A small technical feat! The care container, which can be applied morning and night, corresponds to approximately 3 months of use.

Is the treatment really effective?

Yes. After a week of use, our fine lines have faded, especially those at the corners of our lips. Our dull complexion became brighter and more even, without any irritation or imperfections to regret. The effectiveness is confirmed by clinical tests with astonishing results: after two weeks of use, the facial skin becomes clearer and the skin is firmer, younger and plumper by 100%.

In addition to its benefits, vitamin C powder especially enticed us with its galenicity. This allows you to take advantage of the properties of ascorbic acid on your skin without giving up your favorite serum or cream. Adding an active ingredient to your beauty routine rather than replacing one of your favorite skincare products is an idea that has a bright future ahead of it!

Test and opinion about Garancia vitamin C powder.

The Call of the Forest Garancia Glow and Youth Magic Powder, €27 Sephora

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