Fruits that are rich in iron and vitamins, all summer long

HAVEIn summer, fruits will enhance your dishes and delight your taste buds! This article will give you a better understanding of why we are advised to consume 5 fruits and vegetables. Fruits that are rich in iron, vitamins, but also sugar! You will learn everything.

Today I will help you understand everything better interest in fruit. Crisp, juicy, fruity and just right health… you will love them! And since I know you’re also interested, I’m giving you a ranking of the iron-rich fruits (and they might not be the ones you think of).

Fruits, sources of carbohydrates

A fruits defined as an edible product of flowering plants; it contains seeds and a blooming flower. Its taste is usually sweet.

Not surprisingly, the predominant nutrients are carbohydrates (a mixture of glucose, fructose, sucrose and galactose) with avg 12% sugar.

These carbohydrates are related to fibers which allow a gradual distribution of sugar in the body, much better sugar pure as you find it soda sweet… it causes blood sugar to rise, so feelings of hunger.

Fruit is usually the source of pectin. Through the digestive tract, this soluble fiber has the property oftraps toxic substances also appears to be capable of limiting a intestinal irritation caused by certain toxins absorbed with food.

Their vitamin intake

In addition to sugar, fruit provides moderate 80% waterfrom mineralsfrom trace elementsand vitamins.

You, for example, have vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene in colored plants, Vitamin E and especially vitamin Cas long as you eat them raw.

Don’t forget that vitamin C is sensitive to heat and disappears mainly through Cooking.

If you want to use virtues antioxidants fruitsyou don’t need to look for rare or exotic varieties, what matters is that you consume them every day vary them as much as possible.

Also, don’t forget the English saying “1 apple a day keeps the doctor away” which reminds us to consume 1 apple a day for good healthwhich remains very good reflex.

Other ways to eat fruit

In addition to the green fruit, there are other forms. You have, for example fruit in syrup which are often fruits peel off, pitted and finally to cutcovered with sweet juice (sweet syrup or fruit juice).

The advantage of canning processes is that you can keep for a long time.

Fruits that are rich in iron, vitamins… Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen

They are inexpensive and can sometimes substitute for fresh fruit if drained and eaten without syrup.

You have too compotes And I know it you like them especially since many of you do homewhich is a great way to use slightly advanced fruits andavoid waste !

They consist of single or mixed fruits, cooked and mixed, more or less smooth and more or less liquid, with or without added sugar. You can find them in 500 g or 1 kg jars, in individual pots of 90-100 g or in gourds of various sizes to take away.

Preference remains choose real compotes and not very sweet fruit-based pseudo-desserts… Choose compotes “no added sugar”or even “reduced sugar.”

List of fruits rich in iron

fruits that abound iron are mostly dried fruits. Here’s a list of iron-rich fruits for you, and the list might not be what you’d expect:

  • Pistachios 7 mg/100g;
  • Cashew nuts 5 mg/100g;
  • Dried apricots 4.3 mg/100g;
  • Hazelnuts 3.5 mg/100 g;
  • Brazil nuts 3.1 mg/100 g;
  • Coconut 3.3-3.5 mg/100 g;
  • Dates 3 mg/100 g;
  • Raisins 1.3 mg/100 g;
  • black currants 1.2 mg/100 g;
  • Pine nuts 4.6 mg/100 g.

Industrial fruit juices: avoid

i tell you sugar naturally occurring fruits actually is enough. And today we know the health risks associated with excessive sugar consumption.

you would have understood that run away accessories glucose-fructose syrup and avoid additives as much as possible!

Finally, I know you use it often, you must Juice. Although orange juice has a nice healthy image, I’ll let you down (or enhance your knowledge), but it’s nothing more, nothing less sweet drink in which there are 10% carbohydrates.

So you very well can compared to soft drinks ! Yes, you read that right, there is industrial fruit juice sweet as soda. For a glass 25 clthen you consume up to 5 sugar cubes.

The vitamins it is there doesn’t matter (and their presence is related to the addition of manufacturers, because the production method destroys the primary vitamins) and much less fiber only in fresh fruit crushed with full teeth!

You see, I really encourage you to limit yourself 1 glass for pleasure from time to time… or if not, make a homemade one while keeping the pulp, or always enjoy real fresh fruit to bite into!

Regarding pesticide residues, organic is the solution. But aside from that, not everyone can afford it eat 100% organic, prefer short circuits, organic from abroad is not held to the same standards as in France. Eat local and make sure the production method.

I remind you that if you wash and peel yours fruits and vegetablesIt is estimated that slightly more than 90% of these substances, if present, are removed.

This is an instruction that should not be overlooked, especially since it is a basic hygiene products useful avoid others infections possible, even if they are rare.

So if you’re picking fruit in the garden this summer, don’t forget to wash it well!

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