Foods high in vitamin B9: list, benefits, fruits

Vitamin B9 or folic acid is a vitamin that plays a vital role in our body. This is especially important before and during pregnancy. With Valérie Duclos-Lelieur, a naturopath, find out which foods contain the most vitamin B9.

What are the benefits of a diet rich in vitamin B9?

Vitamin B9 or folic acid or folic acid intervenes in amino acid metabolism and protein synthesis. It also allows you to shapeDNA. “Good intake of vitamin B9 ensures good cell regeneration of the body, especially those that are updated more frequently: white blood cellsred blood cells, intestinal, liver and skin cells“Says naturalist Valérie Duclos-Lelieur.Vitamin B9 is involved in the production cellstherefore it is also important to a good growth of children and adolescents as well as pregnant women for fetal growthShe adds. A diet rich in vitamin B9 is also available guarantor of good neural connections. Vitamin B9 is essential to prevent certain congenital malformations of the embryo, especially spina bifida: neural tube defects, contours of the baby’s spinal cord (nerve tube or AFTN closure). “A diet rich in vitamin B9 allows this vitamin to play its full role in our body.”Concludes naturopathy.

Which foods are rich in vitamin B9?

Edible yeast is very high in vitamin B9. : 500 µg (micrograms) per 100 g, but low intake. Other foods that contain the most vitamin B9 are

  • them cooked chicken liver vitamin B9 content 1440 100g per 100 g
  • them dark green leafy vegetables hence the nameFolic acid (raw spinach containing 200 µg of vitamin B9 per 100 g, raw broccoli 153 µg per 100 g, rocket with 100 µg 100 g, lettuce 140 µg, chicory or curly salad 130 µg 100 g, Brussels sprouts 110 µg 100 g, green cabbage 100 100g 100 g). “
  • Boiled egg yolk with 170 µg per 100 g (about 5 egg yolks) is also high in vitamin B9, e.g. dried mushrooms with 160 100g 100 g, boiled asparagus (140 100g 100 g), llegumes as lentils (boiled: 180 100g 100 g), spider crab (boiled: 95 100g 100 g), green red beets (100 mcg 100 g), radishes (95 mcg 100 g), artichoke (90 100g 100 g) and sweet potato (90 100g 100 g) informs Valérie Duclos-Lelieur.

Which fruits are rich in vitamin B9?

Two fruits have a particularly interesting contribution to vitamin B9: strawberries and passion fruit“Says the naturopath. Strawberries and passion fruit contain 100 µg of vitamin B9 per 100 g. Mangas (70 mcg 100 g), melon (58.9 100g 100 g), raspberries (38.1 100g 100 g), lithium (28.3 100g 100 g), clementine (27.6), orange (25.9 100g 100 g) and Blackberry (17 µg 100 g), is one of the richest fruits of vitamin B9.

Where to find vitamin B9 if you are vegan?

Vegans are not at high risk for vitamin B9 deficiency. They have more than enough to consume enough a a diet rich in raw vegetables and possibly a superfood rich in vitamin B9, such as food yeast (700 µg of vitamin B9 per 100 g) and less wheat germ and spirulina”Recommends naturopathy. Spoon pollen (10 g) provides 99 µg of vitamin B9. Naturopathy also recommends Chestnut flour (200 µg of vitamin B9 100 g).

What is the recommended daily dose of vitamin B9?

As soon as you want to get pregnant, supplemental folic acid is recommended

Dietary references for vitamin B9 are 330 μg per day for adults, 440 μg per day for women during the conceptual period (eight weeks before conception and eight weeks after conception) and 600 užg per a pregnant woman. In France, PNNS recommends supplementation with folic acid from the moment you want to get pregnant.

Thanks to Valérie Duclos-Lelieur, a naturopath who graduated from CENATHO and authored the book “Cuisine du sportif, cuisine de la vitalité”, “Terre vivant”, 2020.

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