Fertility vitamins for women and men

With just a visit to the vitamin department of your local grocery store, it’s easy to ask questions about your daily food intake, not to mention even more questions when you’re pregnant.

“What are the best nutrients and supplements you can include in your diet?” How much folic acid do I need if I am pregnant? Fortunately, the best prenatal vitamins for men and women help those who need a little more “nutritional help” feeding two (or more!)

“The prenatal vitamin is the ideal combination of vitamins and minerals before, during and after pregnancy,” said Jessica Monroe, PhD, owner and lead nutritionist at Fresh Nutrition & Wellness. told the New York Post. “Currently, more nutrients are needed, and a prenatal vitamin can help ensure the right amounts are consumed.”

Enter Beli: A brand of prenatal vitamins that support pregnancy and beyond. Yes, the brand takes your interests into account when planning to get pregnant, but they also want to make sure you’re healthy after that.

“Beli is different because it contains many important nutrients, such as vitamin D and choline, which have been confirmed by research,” Monroe added, reviewing the prenatal period. “Beli contains 4,000 IU of vitamin D3, which has been shown to be effective in improving and maintaining vitamin D levels in pregnant women.


In addition, Beli also contains 400 mg of choline, a nutrient necessary for the development of the fetal brain, which, according to Monroe, is “rarely found in prenatal vitamins.” Impressively, you also get that amount of nutrients in just three pills, which “comes in handy during pregnancy (especially if you’re nauseous in the first trimester),” she adds.

If you think prenatal vitamins (or any vitamins) are ineffective, think again. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “proper and timely supplementation of vitamins and minerals” is part of a “healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.”

And while most health professionals recommend getting these nutrients with a complete diet, a quality prenatal vitamin will help women fill these nutritional gaps.

The brand has many advantages over its offerings for men and women (according to its website): they are non-GMO, gluten-free and allergen-free, vegan-made, made in the US, FDA-registered. device and contain personalized products. high quality ingredient formulas.

In short, Beli is a simple and transparent health brand whose mission is to enhance the health of everyone who is preparing for a new fiber of joy.

When should I start taking prenatal vitamins?

Even if you are not ready to get pregnant, it is recommended to include prenatal vitamins in your daily routine at the age of twenty. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you have any major conditions or concerns.

“I recommend that people start prenatal treatment as soon as they think about it [of wanting to have a baby,]said Monroe. “It is never too early to start preparing your body for pregnancy or to improve the quality of your eggs and sperm.

Who should not take a prenatal vitamin

While there are plenty of nutrients and they are safe, there are a few warnings about taking vitamins before giving birth – much like you would expect with any supplement in your entire diet.

According to Monroe, postmenopausal women or anyone with contraindications before childbirth, such as a disorder of iron metabolism, should avoid using it. If you have more questions, we suggest talking to a trusted healthcare professional.

Should men take prenatal vitamins?

When you think of prenatal vitamins, it is common for a woman to have them in her pharmacy or on a bedside table. But it is just as important to take men’s health into account, and that is what Beli said.

After all, it takes two for a child to be healthy. “Sperm quality is just as important as egg quality, so men who give birth to improve sperm health will have a positive impact on their baby’s health,” says Monroe. “Beli Men’s Prenatal provides nutrients to help address important aspects of sperm health, such as number, motility and morphology.

Some benefits of male prenatal vitamins:

Click here for more information on Beli prenatal vitamins for men, including how to order.

Some men’s products are intended for:

  • Improve sperm quality by improving sperm parameters such as number, motility and morphology
  • Filling food gaps
  • Provide research-based amounts of nutrients, including vitamins B6, C, D, and E; zinc; folic acid, etc.
  • Provides absorbable forms of nutrients

Some benefits of female prenatal vitamins:

Click here for more information on Beli prenatal vitamins for men, including how to order.

Some women’s products are intended for:

  • Preparing the body for pregnancy by providing the nutrients necessary for a healthy baby to grow
  • Fill the nutritional gaps that can occur during pregnancy
  • You only need three tablets a day
  • Provide enough nutrients to be easily absorbed

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