the best steam cookers for healthy and gourmet cooking

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In order to use all 5 nutrients in everyday fruits and vegetables, they still need to be properly prepared. We will tell you how.

“Being able to cook means having a doctor at home,” says Dr. Recchia. And that’s not how he wants to make Top Chef pirouettes. Instead, master the cooking tailored to each type of food.

Cooked, yes, but how?

Cooking is a necessary process to ensure that you consume products that are free of bacteria, viruses or even toxic products (also known as pesticides). However, in order not to destroy the nutrients and all the goodies in them, it must be as subtle as possible. In case of danger to health.

Fried steak, which becomes carcinogenic, pasta and rice, whose starch turns into sugar and “toxic like candy” … When it comes to vegetables, we tend to dip in boiling water to turn into puree or enjoy with protein. , happy to follow it.

Unfortunately, if it looks healthy, such production is counterproductive because it completely reduces the amount of vitamins and minerals in the food. To take full advantage of the flavors and nutrients, the best solution is steaming, which preserves 98% of the most sensitive vitamins. It is also possible to prepare healthy and balanced preparations without adding fat. Great for fun-free and easy fun.

The best rated steamers by consumers

Sebas steamer

Sebas steamer

Large capacity for minimal footprint with this SEB steam cooker, number 1 in sales. Two bowls with a capacity of 6 l can hold large portions and cook them independently thanks to the integrated timer. The bowls are then easily stacked for storage without taking up too much space.

What do we particularly like? Stainless steel bowls are easier to clean and more durable than the plastic found in many appliances of this type.

€ 65.99 instead of € 90.29

Proline steamer

Proline steamer

Less than € 30, hard to make cheaper than steamer Proline. With two 3.5 l steam baskets, it is practical for learning how to cook food in steam without damaging the water. Water can be added during cooking and the appliance switches off automatically when there is no more water or overheating.

What do we particularly like? An egg holder and a basket of rice are included with the appliance.

€ 39.99 on

Russell Hobbs on a steamer

Russell Hobbs on a steamer

Large family or garrison, Russell Hobbs on a steamer holds up to 9L. Fish, poultry, vegetables, rice, eggs – you can make a full menu from three baskets without BPA. With more than 16,000 ratings, it has earned many users.

What do we particularly like? Its large capacity and quality finish.

€ 41 instead of € 49.99 on Amazon

Moulinex steamer

Moulinex steamer

Here’s a good idea! to Moulinex Steam Up steamer adapts directly to the dishes, from 16 to 28 cm in diameter, to cook on them. Thanks to 8 automatic programs, you can come up with delicious recipes (found in the recipe book that came with it), such as a wok pan, salmon with coconut milk and even chocolate fondant. It also has a defrost, heat retention and warm-up mode, very practical so as not to ruin everything in the microwave.

What do we particularly like? It is extremely easy to store.

€ 97.22 instead of € 179.99 on Amazon

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