what kind of illness forced Jean-Philippe to leave the adventures of Koh Lanta?


  • Foods rich in vitamin B1 include dry yeast, whole grains, meat (mostly pork and liver), spirits, nuts, legumes and potatoes.
  • The diagnosis of Beriberi disease is based on a clinical trial and a favorable response to thiamine supplements.

Unexpected and hasty departure. In the Koh-Lanta series, which aired on April 5th. during TF1, Denis Brogniart announced to Jean-Philippe Massy, ​​a candidate from Dieppe, that he would have to stop the adventure after a medical decision. The presenter explained to the teammates that the 30-year-old had to give up the game due to caution. In a previous episode, the adventurer went to the hospital because his feet were unusually swollen. During a clinical examination, doctors found Jean-Philippe Massy to have beriberi.

This pathology, which affected the candidate for Koh Lanta, is a deficiency of vitamin thiamine or vitamin B1. We remind you that the latter are needed for the metabolism of carbohydrates (for energy production), protein and lipids, and for nerve and heart function. “Vitamin B1 circulates in white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. It spreads to the most consuming organs – the heart, liver, brain and kidneys.”noted Francophone Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (SFNCM).

What are the causes of beriberi disease?

This vitamin B1 deficiency can be caused by a diet that is mainly made up of highly processed carbohydrates such as white rice, white flour, or white sugar. “People who consume a lot of alcohol often replace alcohol with food, so they do not consume enough thiamine and are at high risk for this deficiency. can we read on On the MSD Guide websitemedical information portal.

Beriberi disease can also be caused by conditions that increase the body’s need for thiamine (hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, breast-feeding, disorders that interfere with vitamin metabolism (liver problems) or those that interfere with thiamine absorption (long-term diarrhea).

How does this vitamin B1 deficiency manifest itself?

According to the MSD guide, beriberi disease causes fatigue, irritability, poor memory, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, abdominal discomfort and weight loss. High levels of vitamin B1 can also cause damage to nerves, the heart and the brain.

With dry beriberi, the patient may experience tingling in the extremities, burning of the feet, cramps and leg pain. People with “wet avitaminosis” have a faster heartbeat, and the skin becomes warm and moist due to dilated blood vessels. Fluid retention in the legs, edema and lungs may also occur.

What are the possible treatments?

“All forms of thiamine deficiency are treated with thiamine supplements. It is usually given orally. It can be given into a vein if the symptoms are severe. Because thiamine deficiency is often accompanied by ‘deficiency of other B vitamins, multivitamins are usually given for several weeks.’ explained in the MSD manual. Patients who are deficient in vitamin B1 are encouraged to stop drinking alcohol, follow a healthy diet, and take the recommended daily allowance of the vitamin.

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