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Awarded several times for its policy of promoting quality of life at work, Orléans Métropole is an example in this area. But what is really innovative about these systems and how effective are they not only in terms of job well-being but also in terms of skills management?

To make the daily life of agents easier: this is one of the mantras of Orléans Métropole’s Quality of Life at Work (QVT) service. “The service has been operating since 2016. and was developed when the results of our first social climate survey were published. remembers Camille Margollé, her chef. There was a real desire at the base to ensure the well-being of the agents. The priority was the construction site. Because a pro-quality policy at work can only work if it is backed by real political will and is seen as a key project.

So Orléans Métropole’s QVT service is multidisciplinary – that is what its manager says is its strength – a specialist in preventive medicine, psychosocial risk prevention, social support and disability, team cohesion and facilitation. So many specialties have been combined and fully focused on the well-being of agents. In the metropolis of Orleans, the first QVT plan for working conditions and well-being together was implemented in 2017. “A plan we always want to implement” emphasizes Camille Margollé.

Maslow Pyramid

In order to further develop on these topics, Camille Margollé’s teams follow the pyramid logic to set their priorities, primarily to meet the base. “The safety and health of our officials is our primary concern, she testifies. We work a lot with prevention psychologists on prevention issues and show a desire to be as close to the point of concern as possible in the area of ​​prevention. The QVT department at Orléans Métropole also employs an ergonomist who is approached for any difficulties with working conditions.

“We understand that, in general, agents are very demanding in terms of team dynamics.” analyzed by Camille Margollé. In this context, the Teach Me Program, an action program on health and well-being, invites agents with special skills outside working hours to meet colleagues during workshops. Hypnosis, meditation, nonviolent communication … and even knitting: these workshops, somewhat halted by the health crisis, have had real benefits for the working relationship, and the Orléans Métropole shows a genuine desire to develop and expand these programs. “We have 350 jobs, so it’s not possible to reach everyone with these workshops, but the people who have attended and are still attending ensure that these moments act as a breath for the day, contributing to their well-being and efficiency.” Explains Camille Margollé.

Other more professional seminars were also offered, in particular the office’s ‘tips and tricks’ to make everyday life easier. This is also at the heart of Orléans Métropole’s approach to the expectations of civil servants. Ability to rely on tools and devices to facilitate daily professional or personal mental strain.

Vitamin Team Leaders

Orléans Métropole also pays special attention to its managers, who have been hit hard, especially by the health crisis and forced teleworking. In order to meet their expectations and focus on the most important issues, the local government has set up a system of “vitamin kits”. These are regular newsletters that provide fun and somewhat unusual information, such as staff news. “The goal is to give them the tools, the elements of language, so that they can communicate, for example, with their teams, but in a slightly different way to really grab their attention. details Camille Margollé. It also aims to encourage them to train to better support their teams and make everyday life easier again.

In the same spirit, Camille Margollé’s teams have created “Vitamin Teams”, which last up to a quarter of an hour or half an hour and are always unusual. For example, one of them was held as part of International Women’s Rights Day, with a song that challenges and a work psychologist’s intervention on the theme of “humor against. Sexism ”. Because QVT teams in Orléans Métropole see it every day: it is vital that we make an impression by offering systems that are both unusual and innovative to make learning more effective.

Simply and always advocating for the well-being of agents, the community encourages teams to move and play sports, such as holding warm-up sessions before taking office. “We are lucky to have been driven by this QVT dynamic for a number of years, so it is very important for us to maintain this base. analyzed by Camille Margollé. Our actions are part of an overall strategy to prevent physical and mental health in order to alleviate the overall burden on civil servants at all times.

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