Antioxidants, fiber, vitamins … How do dates benefit our health?

fits well healthdates are a real concentrate nutrients. Eat fresh or dried whatever benefits of these fruits with good taste Honey ? We will explain everything to you:

This brown stone fruit comes from date palms (or date palm), a tree found mainly in North Africa and pas Middle East oases. Dates grown in sunny countries love the heat.

These berries, which are 4 to 6 cm long, have a peak seasonOctober month at in December. Convenient to scan and take anywhere, dates can be eaten daily but in moderation as they remain calories. There are several varieties in the world. You will also find organic dates at the market.

The three main exporters of dates are Egypt, Iran and Algeria Deglet-Nour. But the most famous variety is the date Medjool originated in Jordan and Israel. Indeed, bigger and more meaty, much appreciated.

Consumed directly, in a cocktail, in the form of honey or tea, its benefits are varied, both for our health and beauty.

Advantages of dates

Date has many properties. Use all year round and recommended a ideal dietthis allows you to take advantage of a nutrients every day, so it is “superfood“:

  • The benefits of dates for our health

Dates are rich:

  • Proteins : essential for the regeneration of our cells;
  • fiber : necessary for good bowel movement;
  • glucose : our metabolic fuel;
  • Vitamins A : for our immune protection;
  • B vitamins : the balance of our body;
  • Vitamins C : maintain our immune defenses;

but also in fructose, amino acids, copper, and iron.

  • The dates are also rich antioxidantswhich helps protect the body ‘s cells from aging ;
  • They also contain potassium and magnesium which are beneficial to our cardiovascular system. They protect us from the risk of stroke;
  • Recommended for women pregnantdates help facilitate childbirth.
  • Dates lower the rate cholesterol in the blood;
  • They reduce fatigue and mineral salts they help strengthen bones.
  • The benefits of dates for our beauty

In addition to the many virtues listed, know that dating is also a great ally beauty.

Used cosmeticswill be able to feed dry skin. From its core we can extract an oil that will be a very effective antioxidant against cell aging.

On the other hand, date palm is constantly used in products capillaries. Its nourishing oil will moisturize the scalp and curb Hair loss. Also, do not throw away the dice you are using. Here’s a simple beauty tip:

  • Toast the dice;
  • Mix them with an organic vegetable oil such as olive or avocado oil;
  • You will then get a nourishing mask that you will apply on your hair for 1 hour;
  • Rinse the procedure with clean water and continue shaping.

How to use dates?

Dates can be consumed in a variety of ways on a daily basis, but keep in mind that due to the amount of carbohydrates and carbohydrates it contains, it is advisable to consume 3 to 7 fruits a day. calories.

Choose your firm dates that are quite oval, shiny and very fragrant. Avoid those with stains.

  • The fresh dates, sold in groups, are quite brittle and must be consumed fairly quickly. You can keep them refrigerator a few weeks. You can even freeze them.
  • The dried dates, in turn, must be protected from moisture and air. Just put them in a closed container, in a cupboard. If they become too dry, moisten them slightly with water before eating.

Perfect snack, dates are perfect appetite suppressant which can be consumed directly.

Due to their glucose content, they are very popular among athletes. When you perform a session Sportsso don’t forget to take dates with you.

This fruit with a good sweet taste can be cooked and even original as a soup with carrots. Dates are in the form of honey, fruit paste, syrup, pastries, as well as herbal tea or cooking oil.

A simple and quick recipe: energy balls with dates

A great alternative to sugar, a date is a superfood not to be forgotten. Here’s a simple and quick recipe that will allow you to recharge your energy all day long:

Energy balls with dates Abbie Whiddett



  1. First, place the almonds and walnuts in the blender to crush them. Then add the remaining ingredients until a homogeneous mass is formed.
  2. Then just form small balls of the same size and put them in the fridge for 1-2 hours before eating.

You can then put them in a sealed box and store in the refrigerator for two weeks.

A little tip: don’t hesitate to vary the toppings using oatmeal, pistachios, chunks of chocolate or even honey.

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