Symptoms of vitamin B9 deficiency: fatigue, hair, anemia

Vitamin B9 or folic acid deficiency is common. What are the signs of vitamin B9 deficiency? How do we determine this? Answers with Valérie Duclos-Lelieur, naturopath.

Vitamin B9 or folic acid deficiency is diagnosed with a blood test. to dose of folic acid can be performed in serum (serum folate test) or in erythrocytes (erythrocyte test). Lack of intake is the main cause of vitamin B9 deficiency (Do not eat raw vegetables, overcooking food that destroys folic acid). Foil deficiency can also result from gastrointestinal malabsorption (gastrectomy, extensive bowel resection, celiac disease and Crohn’s disease), use of certain medications or excessive alcohol consumption. Deficiency is common older people. Nearly half of French women of childbearing age are deficient in vitamin B9.Folic acid). The reasons for this deficit may be diet low in fresh fruits and vegetables, insufficient energy intake, frequent diets and without a health professional. Birth control pills, tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption also increases the risk of deficits, as do some drug treatment (anticonvulsants, sulphonamides, methotrexate, etc.). Folic acid deficiency is often associated with its deficiency vitamin B12.

What are the symptoms of vitamin B9 deficiency?

“Vitamin B9 deficiency can manifest as a fatigue, slightly weakened immune system, indigestion (diarrhea), poor skin healing, neurological disorders, hypersensitivity of the gingival mucosa“Informs naturopath Valérie Duclos-Lelieur. “Vitamin B9 deficiency during pregnancy can cause spina bifida as the main effect (1 in 1,000 pregnancies), but it can also cause fetal growth defect, preterm birth “She explains.”

What are the neurological symptoms of vitamin B9 deficiency?

“Because vitamin B9 plays an important role in nerve connections, folic acid deficiency can manifest itself as memory problems“Says the naturopath. Foil deficiency can also have a affect morale. Low levels of vitamin B9 are associated with increased risk of depression. Prie fetus, severe neurological defects (including neural tube closure disorders) are associated with a lack of folic acid (vitamin B9).

Does Vitamin B9 Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?

“In general, the lack of B vitamins affects skin and hair“Indicates naturopathy.A Hair loss iron and / or B vitamins will be checked“She explains.

Does Vitamin B9 Deficiency Cause Anemia?

‘Vitamin B9 is an anti-anemia as vitamin B12. Vitamin B9 deficiency can cause anemiavitamin B9, which is involved in the production of red blood cells”Informs Valérie Duclos-Lelieur. The reason for the high shortage of foil megaloblastic anemia as is vitamin B12 deficiency.

What to do if you are deficient in vitamin B9?

“Vitamin B9 deficiency must already cause a increased food intake. Vitamin B9 is better absorbed if it is present in food. If there is not enough food to eat, it can be eaten. “super food“, Then it must be done by food supplements“- evaluates naturopathy. Severe deficiency is treated immediately a foil supplement : 1 tablet of 400 to 1000 mcg by mouth, sometimes by injection. Finally, the cause of the shortcoming needs to be addressed.

Thanks to Valérie Duclos-Lelieur, Editions Terre vivant, a naturalist who graduated from CENATHO and the author of the book “Sports Kitchen, the Kitchen of Vitality”, in 2020.

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