Omega 3, vitamin D and exercise reduce risk by 61%!

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    A new study in a group of people over the age of 70 shows that vitamin D, omega 3 and exercise reduce the risk of cancer by 61%. The results are based on dr. Christophe De Jaeger, a physiologist and a member of the Doctissimo expert committee.

    Published in the magazine Limits of agingIn this study, a group of people aged 75 and over perform simple physical exercises at home, along with vitamin D and omega 3 intake.

    Several groups to assess different effects

    To accomplish this work, the authors spend five years, from 2012. December. until 2017 in December, studied a group of 2,157 volunteers from five European countries (Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria and Portugal).

    Participants were then divided into eight different groups to test the individual and overall benefits of the different elements.

    • The first group received 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day, 1 g of omega-3 per day and performed muscle exercises three times a week.
    • The second group did not receive physical fitness but received vitamins;
    • Group 3 did not receive omega 3 but had vitamin D and exercised;
    • Group 4 did not receive vitamin D but had omega 3 and exercised;
    • Group 5, in turn, took only vitamin D3;
    • Group 6 took only omega 3;
    • Group 7 performed only physical exercises;
    • The eighth group received placebo.

    Risk reduction 61%.

    During the study, volunteers were called by phone every three months and various health check-ups were performed. The first group, which accumulated omega 3, vitamin D and exercise, had a 61% reduction in their risk of developing cancer.

    The other two first groups also showed little benefit, but it was the combination of the three that showed the best results.

    Defining the right concept for exercise

    The authors explain that omega 3 vitamin D and exercise alone are helpful in fighting cancer. This is confirmed by Dr. Christophe De Jaeger, a physiologist and member of the Doctissimo expert committee: “Studies have already shown the benefits of sports activities that reduce the risk of cancer by 50%. Adding omega 3 and vitamin D can increase this number..

    The only difficulty for a professional in restoring these results to older people is related to the concept of exercise: “When we talk about exercise, we need to clearly define what exercise we are talking about. Going for a walk to pick up a bar is okay, but it’s not a walk. When it comes to walking, it means putting on sneakers and walking for at least an hour at a steady pace. For bodybuilding, this is a board exercise for 1 minute at least 5 times in a row..

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    Improving prevention

    The aim of this research is to improve cancer prevention. In fact, the disease is widespread in developed countries and is the second leading cause of death in the elderly. In addition, the risk of cancer increases with age, so researchers want to improve prevention. In conclusion, the authors of the study believe that theiralthough based on many comparisons and requires replication, it may prove beneficial in reducing the burden of cancer..

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