Negin Mirsalehi on her honey-filled hair care line

For many of today’s greatest beauty names, it was first the fame of an influential man and then the inevitable brand of beauty. It makes sense to make sense to build your community before you start developing products: it’s a ready-made fan base ready to assemble everything you choose to seal that starred seal of approval.

But Negin Mirsalehi became famous on social media for what it was before: perfected his craft in an all-encompassing family business: beekeeping.

You’ll probably know that Mirsalehi is the most shiny Instagram influencer, but behind her ridiculously beautiful hair lies not only smart lighting. As a child, her mother banged her head on the honey of the Mirsalehi family, causing an incredibly strong, mirror-likeshiny hairand it was this tradition that led to the birth Gisou: Its an undoubtedly good looking but also results oriented hair care line.

JI JK caught up with Mirsalehi to talk about how to get rid of things, increase sustainability and maintain harmony with your body …



About the cultivation of Gisou

Mirsalehi’s supply has grown dramatically since she released her divinely rich Gisou hair oil – but nothing in this line seems frivolous or unnecessary. Similarly, the honey extract of the stars in the line remains at the center of everything it produces.

In deciding what to do next, Mirsalehi first turns to his followers – all 7.1 million. – to make sure it delivers what they really want. “I love hearing about our Gisou community. We are in constant contact with them to find out what their wants and needs are, whether it be in one of our pop-ups in person, on social media, email. by mail or during a 1: 1 personalized consultation. This year we debut many exciting innovations inspired by our community.

The first in line is this month’s presentation. ” Beauty balm with honey. “It is a mixture of oil and balm that dissolves like honey and is absorbed like oil to make the skin instantly smooth and elastic. The results are effective because it contains such a high concentration of our Mirsalehi Bee Garden botany. The best part is that it is a serious multi-functional task – it strengthens, protects and moisturizes the skin and its barrier, as well as enhances your natural beauty by brightening and smoothing.

About sustainable growth

Mirsalehi knows exactly how to talk to the Z gene focused on activism, and Gisou is the brand that has a reason. More than a superficial way to differentiate a line, its beekeeping heritage encompasses everything the brand does. “Our main goal is to raise awareness about the importance of bees and to inspire a new generation of beekeepers. In fact, this year the brand became popular with the first pop-up window of the bee season in Mirsaleh’s hometown of Amsterdam, where visitors could learn the subtleties of becoming a beekeeper and later plan more educational activities. summer.

Sure, it all sounds appealingly healthy, but Mirsalehi also sells products, especially to the notoriously news-hungry social shopping market. She believes the biggest challenge she faces is “learning to balance the growing demand for new products in our community and to grow at the pace we can.” We love to think hard about each of our decisions to make it ideal for our loyal fans – and for us.

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Each brand has a different party line ready to make a call when it comes to sustainability talk, but Mirsalehi believes the key is to first discuss exactly what it means to be sustainable.

“I think companies and influencers need to educate their customers and followers about how they define ‘sustainability,” she says. Gisou talks about six main pillars: “developing a bee-centered approach, raising awareness of the importance of bees, increasing transparency from bees to bottles, making our formulas greener without compromising function and quality, and improving the sustainability of packaging. and reduce our carbon footprint.

About finding peace during pregnancy

Mirsalehi, who announced her pregnancy earlier this year, has a refreshingly simple beauty philosophy: you won’t find her waxing lyric about an endless range of products online or constantly jumping to another important beauty thing – and pregnancy has only reinforced her “less is more” ethos. “I experiment a lot less and trust the products I create through Gisou myself because I know exactly what’s in them! For example, our 95.7% natural facial oil in honey is a key element of my daily routine that I can always trust. My pregnancy skin care philosophy is to “get back to basics”.

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When it comes to health, nature always wins – the message Mirsalehi hopes to pass on to the next generation, hoping they will feel inspired to make the family beehive thrive. “Nothing makes me feel better and makes me feel more beautiful than being outside, in nature, working with bees and being surrounded by flowers in a beehive. Here I am the calmest, the most focused and the calmest and – especially now, as a future mother – I can feel best in harmony with my body.

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